Animiz Free Cartoon Movie Creator Helps in Creating Professional Cartoon Movies

Animiz allows marketers to use their imagination to create captivating cartoon movies for marketing their business.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2019 --Cartoon characters are versatile and can fit into all marketing activities and enhance their effect. Whether they are company presentations, explainer videos, advertising, and blog articles, cartoons help to convey the right messages to audiences. The Animiz free cartoon movie creator allows users to use their imagination when creating cartoon movies for business marketing. The software gives them control without limiting their creativity to produce the traits and looks of all the animated characters in their movies. With Animiz, users don't have to find a movie shooting scene because it creates illusions of the correct roles and scenes to be used.

"We empower users with the tools that will enable them to design professional cartoon animations using our drag and drop software interface," said Jerry Fong, Designer of Animiz. "All elements can be directly dragged and dropped into the canvas and customized to marketing needs. Users can make shareable marketing videos and connect them with consumers on various social mediums while inspiring them to like, share and distribute content through call-to-action buttons."

Animiz has diverse video assets that users can access for free and create enchanting cartoon movies in minutes. The different scene templates, roles, SVG images, shapes, flashes and more can help users create quality and appealing projects. With the various scene templates such as indoor, countryside, modern and outdoor, marketers can produce professional presentations that are tailored to their unique needs. Users can use the Cloud host at Animiz to directly publish their cartoon movies and share them with audiences worldwide. Their projects can be published offline in multiple formats too.

"Our free cartoon movie creator has vivid built-in animated roles with different expressions and actions," continued Jerry Fong. "The roles will deliver visually captivating information to audiences, especially when placed on attractive scene backgrounds that enhance visibility. We also provide royalty free vector images that users can use to illustrate their ideas vividly without blurring and make the scenes come to life."

Users with PowerPoint files can import and convert them into animated video presentations with interactive rotating, panning and zooming camera effects. The effects allow them to go straight to the points while amazing their audiences. To bring their words to life, users can enhance their fonts with shadow or WordArt effects and make the video presentations attractive and professional. They can also design layouts in different shapes with customized size, color, and opacity to enhance their appeal. For statistic-based presentations, users can utilize the formula editor to add mathematic formulas to their projects.

About Animiz
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