Animiz Gives Tips on How to Make a Cartoon

Users can make cartoon videos using features such as animations, infographics, images, objects, sounds, and music, among many others.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2020 --Animiz is a leading video-making platform that allows users to create professional video content using advanced features such as sounds, images, videos, infographics, animations, and much more. Now the company is offering tips on how to make a cartoon using the tools from its intuitive cloud-based platform. Animiz provides feature-rich software for creating impressive cartoon videos for presentations, education, or entertainment. Users can design studio-quality cartoon videos with attractive backgrounds, animated characters, sound effects, symbols, music, roles, and expressions, SWFs, among other effects.

Animiz is intuitive animation software that comes with a bevy of pre-made video templates and an easy to use interface for creating amazing cartoons in no time. The tool also comes with a series of effects including motion effects, transitions, filters, and dubbing and subtitling to make the cartoons more intriguing. With Animiz, it is easy to create cartoon characters and props. Users can even make colorful hand-drawn animation effects to display video content in a more fascinating way.

"At Animiz, we help our clients create their storyboards and present them to their audiences in a vivid way through cartoon videos," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "They use our tools to convert their messages into simple animated video stories that communicate their objectives to the audience. To make their cartoon videos more engaging, they can use handcrafted animation videos to explain their concepts. Such videos help to simulate the effect brought about by objects that are being moved across scenes by hand. This will instantly grab the attention of viewers and make them relate to their brands."

Animiz allows users to animate different scenes in their cartoon videos by editing the animated templates to customize their creations fully. Users have a variety of objects in different styles to choose from. To attract more attention from viewers, they can accompany their videos with audio tracks or voice-overs for better outcomes. The simple multi-track timeline allows them to customize video backgrounds, captions, cameras, and animations based on their brands. This will allow audiences to resonate with the brands and the products they are offering.

Animiz provides flexible outputs of publishing and distributing completed projects. Users can publish their cartoon videos on the free cloud publishing platform to share them with viewers across social networks, through email, and on their websites. Offline videos can be published as mp4, wmv, avi. mkv, flv, and mov formats. Cartoon videos created at Animiz can be viewed seamlessly on all electronic devices. This allows audiences to access them from anywhere through their mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

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