Animiz Helps Teachers Create Educational Videos During Coronavirus Shutdown

Teachers can design educational videos and share them with students to help them continue with their studies as the coronavirus shutdown continues.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2020 --Animiz is a globally recognized software developer that invests in research and technology to produce intuitive software products for various industries. Today, Animiz is helping teachers create educational videos for students to use during the ongoing coronavirus shutdown. They can use the videos to improve the students' learning experience and help them process knowledge efficiently. The advantage learners will have is that regardless of the coronavirus shutdown, they could still access study materials from wherever they are.

Videos contain both visual and auditory elements that allow users to process information naturally. Teachers can use the tools provided by Animiz to design conversational video tutorials that will keep the learners engaged. To increase interactivity, they can include responsive and interactive features such as short quizzes or assessment tests to promote reflection on the part of the learners. With the integration of slides, narrations, captions, graphics, photos, charts, live videos, and screenshots, the tutorials will provide a multidimensional experience to the students to help them comprehend concepts quickly.

"We developed this software to allow teachers to continue tutoring their students during the coronavirus shutdown," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "They will offer learners a new way to increase their knowledge retention since they can stop and replay the videos as many times as they want. The students can also learn all subjects in a more simplified and practical way and will be able to understand complex topics better through video tutorials. Teachers, on the other hand, will be able to track the learners' progress and find personalized ways to help them improve."

Using video tutorials allows students to retain information quickly, even if they have different learning abilities. The multimedia aids used can help to simplify complex topics for them. It is also easy for teachers to devise excellent ways of assisting their students using the feedback they receive from the video classes. The feedback feature helps teachers understand learners and their needs and provide review sessions to improve their understanding. They can teach practical concepts by explaining them step by step.

Animiz has made it possible for teachers to introduce their institutions and services to potential students. With these creations, there is no limit to the number of enthusiastic students who can be reached with education materials during this coronavirus shutdown. Due to their interactive and visually appealing nature, more students will be compelled to watch them. This will help to increase their proficiency in digital communication and literacy, which are essential skills in today's world.

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