Animiz Helps to Design Videos with Background Music Using 3D Cartoon Animation Maker

Users can create video presentations with background music that resonates and creates positive moods in audiences.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2019 --Cartoons are visual mediums that engage audiences and help them understand and interpret various situations. They also offer education as well as entertainment to viewers. Animiz provides 3D cartoon animation maker with pre-designed features including backgrounds, animated characters, templates, images, and animation effects, among others. Their software is user-friendly and can be published in multiple formats for ease of sharing. Users can utilize their creativity through the tools provided to produce customized 3D animated cartoons with interactive multimedia, entertaining videos and music, beautiful backgrounds, eye-catching animation effects, and animated scenes and much more.

"Our software has amazing recording and subtitling features that help to increase readability," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "With these features, users can embellish their animation videos with ease. The timeline helps to add voiceovers and captions to the videos, and also make them play synchronously in every scene to complement the video content. We offer transition effects such as emphasis, entrance and exit effects to help enhance the aesthetics and fluency of the videos."

Cartoons are utilized by marketers to grab the attention of audiences. Animiz helps to create cartoon presentations filled with beneficial information that helps to solve the problems of consumers. Once users get the attention of their target audiences, they address their problems and raise their interest in their products. Customers are usually attracted to products or services that provide solutions to their needs. Cartoons with informative product content are powerful marketing weapons that help to retain clients. They make difficult and boring business ideas more understandable with their visual metaphors.

"At Animiz, we empower users to include background music in their cartoons to create positive moods and resonate with their target audiences," continued Mr. Chan. "The music and video scenes incorporated in the cartoons will bring visual enjoyment and a sense of hearing to the viewers. To make them understand better, users can present their ideas with symbol icons and charts in order to customize data and persuasively explain their points."

Animiz helps to create more appealing cartoon characters. The characters help to visually put the message across to viewers. Marketers can use cartoon characters to communicate their brands and products to vast audiences online. They can describe their brands in a fun and entertaining way to trigger emotions and action from consumers. Audiences are drawn to the entertaining animations because they represent their lives and connect more easily to them. When cartoon characters address sensitive topics, viewers understand the message quickly in a softer way.

About Animiz
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