Animiz Launches the Latest Version of Its Animation Movie Maker

The animation movie maker from Animiz helps users support the growing need for end-to-end and modern video publishing platforms.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2019 --Animiz today announced the launch of the latest version of its animation movie maker, an upgrade of its already innovative and fun feature set. The company launched the software to help enterprises and marketers design and manage animation video presentations online. After extensive research and feedback from its customers, Animiz has upgraded the software to support the growing need for end-to-end and modern video publishing platforms. Now users can create stunning animated videos and share their brand stories with audiences online.

The launch of the software continues Animiz's commitment to supporting its clients with the tools they need to navigate through the digital market. With the increasing number of users looking for strategies to boost brand visibility, the software is the primary source of all the materials for achieving their goals. Animiz provides clients unlimited access to design and publishing tools to enhance their video designing capabilities.

"Our animation movie maker is a key utility for all users who have made it a priority to improve their video marketing strategies," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "The software will amplify their efforts and underscore our commitment to the success of our clients. "With the intuitive software, users have a single platform where they can create, publish, share, and update their projects with ease."

The software from Animiz offers a self-service option and full-service packages with plenty of user-friendly resources such as free video assets, a multi-track timeline, flexible output options, and lively animation effects, among others. The new product is one of the software that helped Animiz grow at a tremendous pace. Animiz brings current, engaging, and cutting edge technology to users and their audiences.

The steady growth that validates Animiz's core concept offers users a centralized and integrated platform to explore their capabilities and discover new strengths. Animiz' software products are some of the reasons why clients keep coming back and sticking around. The company also offers first-rate customer support to address users' concerns. Clients who have benefited from their products still gain added knowledge from their continuous upgrades. Clients can use the enhanced upgrades to tap into what works for them and learn newer techniques that will help to engage their audiences.

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