Animiz Offers Promotion Video Software for Videos with Background Music

Users can create entertaining and informative video presentations using the software to convince their audiences to purchase their products.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2019 --Animiz provides enterprises and marketers with a lasting solution to help promote their products using animated video presentations. The promotion video software empowers users to design enterprising videos that capture viewers' attention. It comes with plenty of background images and templates for styling, decorating and making the videos more captivating. Users can use the rich tools and features from the software to personalize their video presentations with custom colors, content, pictures, roles, actors, flashes and charts, among other exciting materials from the Animz library.

"Our software has built-in templates that make presentations livelier," said Jason Chan, manager of Animiz. "Clients can use them to create intelligible explainer videos about their services, products, and brand history. Their creations can be developed in diverse publishing formats to allow for sharing with more audiences and create business exposure. The animation video presentations can be published in Gif, video and the cloud to make them shareable online and offline."

With the promotion video software, designers can utilize the timeline to choose animations, captions, audio and playing time of their videos. They can also create new projects by importing PowerPoint presentation files and transforming them into vivacious animated video presentations. Adding interactive camera effects such as panning, rotating and zooming to their creations will provide amazing viewing experiences to their audiences. Animiz also offers shadow and WordArt fonts for users to enhance their presentations and make them professional.

"You can use the various built-in charts from our software to customize the data on your video presentations and elaborate your points eloquently," continued Mr. Chan. "And if you want to offer your viewers a statistic-enhanced video presentation, our formula editor will help you add and modify your presentation to suit your marketing requirements. Your viewers will get to understand your brand deeper from the data and statistics you provide."

When viewers click on various videos online, they expect them to be fun, entertaining and informative as well. Boring video presentations will always turn viewers off. Marketers usually aim to create presentations that will keep their customers coming for more because they are convinced of the products or services offered. Animiz can make this happen by enabling users to add background music that will create fun, humor and an aura that will wow audiences as they watch the videos. A mixture of video scenes and music is more convincing and can make viewers decide to purchase products because they enjoy watching the presentation.

About Animiz
Animiz is transforming the business world by offering technology that helps users speak to their clients through animated video presentations. Their promotion video software offers rich tools and features to make persuasive and convincing video presentations that sell. For more information, please visit