Animiz Releases Promotional Video Creator Software for Business Promotion

The promotional video creator software for business promotion from Animiz is user-friendly and allows enterprises to introduce their products or services through vivid videos.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/28/2019 --Animiz announced the release of their promotional video creator software for use by enterprises in business promotion. The software comes at a perfect time when enterprises are competing to gain supremacy in the competitive digital market. The promotional video creator software is user-friendly and allows users to introduce their businesses, products and services vividly through videos. Enterprises can use the diverse templates of image backgrounds to decorate their promotional videos and make them more appealing by adding custom colors.

"Our promotional video creator has a powerful library that helps to automatically store used materials," said Jason Chan, Manager of Animiz. "Users can conveniently reuse the material for the next projects. They can import personalized materials or export from the library whenever they want. We have plenty of materials that users can utilize to enrich their promotional videos. They can choose pictures, shapes, SVG images, dynamic roles, symbols, actors, flashes, charts and more and store them in the library for reuse."

The promotional video creator software released by Animiz is innovative and full of advanced features. The built-in video enables users to provide more information to their audiences and make the atmosphere livelier. It also has dynamic animation effects to help users produce quality promotional videos that can win the trust of customers. Marketers can design their videos with competitive, yet compelling messages about products, services or brands and add decoration effects to engage their viewers.

"We understand the need for promotional videos in every business setup," continued Mr. Chan. "Therefore, we offer users the tools to design videos that are designed for promotional needs. We have animated roles, templates, royalty free vector images and other features that can create result-oriented promotional videos. Our interface is easy to use, and will help produce stunning projects much faster."

Animiz empowers users with the means to expose their brands and products out in the market. The promotional video creator software allows them to upload their promotional videos and publish them on its cloud platform for sharing on multiple social networks. They can also embed their projects on their websites for sharing. This has made Animiz the go-to place for promotional video creator software that can enhance business growth and promote brand adherence.

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