Animiz, the Best Animation Video Creator in the Market Today

Animiz is recognized as the best animation video creator to help users around the world create good looking animated videos or GIFs for free.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/06/2018 --Animation video is the hot cakes of the markets today. It has made adverting much easy and admirable. Things are now better due to the introduction of this wonderful Animation Video Creator from Animiz. The software enables the user to create animations in several formats which include GIF format. Most of the work done using this software does not need learning this is because Animiz's Animation Video Creator is easy to use and it accepts all types of documents.

It lets the users make a wonderful animated video with all photos taken from cameras, phones or paintings and picture made from Photoshop. In addition to that, it can make animations that range in sizes making it good internet marketing and advertising tool. With its unique features, the users can drag and drop documents that will be converted into a video.

Being one of the products of Jerry Fong, designer of Animiz, this Animation Video Creator has much wonderful functionality that makes it one of the best in the market today. Apart from being an animation video creator, this amazing software is best for viewing, editing and playing the already made videos. While editing your video, it gives the users power to see all the combined frames that make the animation. The software will break down the frames for easy editing and fixing of errors.

Any software is not good if it lacks speed. Animiz Animation Video Creator comes with a wonderful speed which makes the users enjoy what they are doing. While editing and making the respective videos the users can merge and combine many videos and give them different speeds. Once that video is done, the user can customize it and download it or publish it directly without a watermark.

Due to deep software knowledge owned by Jerry Fong, the Animation Video Creator is made in a way that protects the privacy of its users at all cost. It is also compatible with all types of operating systems including Linux and it can be installed without affecting the speed and the functionality of the user's computer. The last wonderful thing about this Animation Video Creator, it is very affordable and it can be used by anybody. The wide application includes students for educational purposes, professionals for research and business people for advertising and online marketing.

For all user who may wish to apply and use this software can download this animation video creator from

About Animiz
Animiz Software Co. Ltd. is a world leading software development company to develop easy-to-use but powerful animated video presentation software for businesses, education and individuals.