KWF (Karatenomichi World Federation)

Announcing 2015 KWF World Conference: Traditional Japan Karate

KWF Seminar & World Cup, Chitose, Japan, September 25-27, 2015. Net proceeds to be donated to Special Olympics.


Chuo City, Tokyo -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2015 --KWF (Karatenomichi World Federation, is pleased to announce that the 2015 KWF World Conference will be held in Chitose, Japan, September 25-27, 2015. Founded by the legendary Traditional Japan Karate Grand Master Mikio Yahara together with KWF Assistant Chief Instructors Akihito Isaka and Malcolm Dorfman, KWF is a Tokyo-based non-profit organization with branches in over 50 countries and territories. The 2015 KWF World Conference is hosted by Toshio Tanaka, KWF Chairman and Shozo Takanohashi, KWF Hokkaido Supreme Shihan.

The first two days of the 2015 KWF World Conference will feature KWF Core Principle Technique Seminars where the focus will be on "KWF Bujutsu Karate Waza" (KWF Martial Art of Karate Techniques). On the third day, the 2015 KWF World Cup will take place, where the key factor determining success in all KWF Kata and KWF Kumite match-ups will be whether KWF Karate Techniques have been properly utilized or not.

What are KWF Core Principles? First, to deliver a (non-contact basis) Single Overpowering Strike ("Ichigeki, Hissatsu"), the muscles and joints of the body must in a single instant become compressed to their very limits. Such stored power, or energy, is further optimized through the body's five-point kinetic chain of motion dynamics, next focused on a single target, and ultimately released at maximum intensity.

How is such maximum power achieved? The KWF 3-Fold Method of Generating Maximum Power is the key: Power of Hip-Rotation Compression; Joint Bending-Extension Power; and Whole-Body Centrifugal Force.

While fundamentally a traditional Japanese martial art, viewed as an expression of what Harvard Professor E.J. Langer terms "Mindfulness" or what Claremont Graduate University Professor C.M. Csikszentmihalyi refers to as "Flow Psychology" (also known as "Being in the Zone"), as practitioners study KWF Karate as the art of the Single Overpowering Strike, they learn to infuse their every moment with such decisiveness, which is the key to the art of the Way of Karate and to an enlightened spirit.

Recognizing the positive correlation between physical activity and mental agility, as shown by the research of Harvard Professor J. Ratey, M.D. and others, KWF will donate a portion of the net proceeds to the Special Olympics.

For further information, contact your local official KWF affiliate or email the KWF Headquarters Dojo in Japan at