Announcing: VastStick – The Future of Compact, Portable, High-Capacity Data Storage


Syracuse, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/27/2017 --Groundbreaking technology stands to make the dream of lightning fast data storage, streaming, and information restoration a reality in a little more than two weeks.

Technology buffs, IT innovators, embedded members of the tech community or anyone who needs more storage for your music, movies or pictures are invited to participate in this crowdfunding campaign to power the USB flash drive of the future.

VastStick is the embodiment of a long-imagined dream. Now, a cutting edge Solid State Flash Array Drive (SSFAD) exists that dwarfs the capacities and abilities of its predecessors. Those of current market staples stand to wither in the shadow of this marvel of innovation.

Contributors to this campaign shall be privy to a USB device that is capable of carrying all information without the inconvenience and unreliability of the "Cloud."

Private information here is key – as the innovation of this technology allows the user to store incredible amounts of information. VastStick is the world's largest capacity USB device, allowing storage of up to 1500 HD movies, over 800,000 songs & images, and more than 400 Ultra HDTV movies.

The ability to store massive amounts of information while enjoying the peace of mind that complete privacy affords is finally here. Cloud storage was an intermittent solution for users requiring a large database of information, yet exposure of sensitive information was always a risk and let's not forget the high continuous cost. The solution to the weaknesses of cloud-based storage is an analog device with WiFi capabilities that can be enabled and disabled whenever the user deems it necessary. Other breakthroughs featured in this device are the massive storage capabilities available in the way of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB capacities.

This device allows the user to transport information wherever and however they want with security and with the ease of personal carry. The VastStick fits into the palm of the user's hand, while freeing up the mind from worry and saving time through super high-speed transfer of information.

Vast Technology Corporation is inviting IT users of every stripe to join the data storage revolution by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign. Participants are given ground-floor access to a storage device as yet unparalleled by any other portable USB stick. The VastStick is superior in memory, mobility and security at levels never before experienced by the average Cloud user.