Annuities, the Bad Boys with the Great Record


Oakville, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2016 --Retirees are becoming more and more frustrated with what low interest rates and the volatile stock markets are doing to their retirement income. They are looking for better returns over traditional guaranteed interest products, without taking any risks.

One of the most forgotten retirement vehicles out there, annuities, can guarantee a lifetime income stream without the risk of losing your retirement savings. However, investing in annuities can have several disadvantages if you're not well informed.

Rino Racanelli, contributing editor at Canadian Money Saver Magazine has financially critical information on annuities and will share with you and your audience:

- the enormous mistake seniors make when investing in GIC's and bonds.

- the 3 important questions that determine if annuities are right for you. (get the wrong answers to these questions and you're retirement can be delayed for years).

- how to guarantee you're getting the best annuity rates in Canada.

- how to protect your retirement income if a company goes bankrupt.

- why even a 9% rate of return on an annuity is not out of the question (as preposterous as that may sound).

- why people are fed up with the high-minded and arrogant attitudes of bank staff who are happy to take their money but begrudge even answering the phone.

- why the banks refuse to talk about annuities as a retirement option. (did your banker talk to you about annuities? If not, why not?

To schedule an interview or to get more information, call Rino at 416-880-8552 or send him a personal email at You can also visit his website and get a free annuity quote.