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Anonymous Posts Video After Icelandic Public Figure Reveals Scandal

What truly happened to the missing million and why did Kristinn get denied an appendectomy at so many governmental hospitals.


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/26/2020 --Kristinn Spence the former municipality candidate in 2018 and serial tech entrepreneur claims that he almost ended up dead by the hands of rogue Icelandic police officers in 2017 and says that he was arrested without cause and was injected with insulin in his hands with an insulin pen shortly after the Icelandic tax collectors research institution accused him of stealing over a million dollars from the company that he and his older brother sigurdur benediktsson owned and founded together.

When we reached out to Icelandic media about the alleged incident we got no response except from one reporter that said he felt uncomfortable commenting on the matter but said he had heard of it.

Shortly after the media in Germany started covering the story then allegedly anonymous the infamous hacker and the activist group released a video stating that they support Kristinn and that they are watching from away and have some type of data which added to the mystery.

In Iceland OECD and FAFT statistics are looking bad and it is said one of the reasons is that the Icelandic police force is too prone to influence and it could not be secured if police work conducted was not personally or politically driven in the last OECD report.

As well as Iceland just being put on the gray list of the FAFT list along with Pakistan and Zimbabwe and local sources are saying that the Icelandic people can sometimes Have problems opening bank accounts overseas after the country was put on the gray list.

We contacted Kristinn and asked him what he thought about allegedly anonymous supporting him and if he really knows what happened to the allegedly missing tax money and he had this to say.

"Well it's good to get the support from the public you know and it makes me happy to see that people are seeing the truth and accepting it but I don't support any extremism or radicals so if this is really the real anonymous then I would like their support to be minimal and nonradical these are anti-war times but I appreciate the support greatly and as for the tax money then I don't know much about that but then, of course, it didn't handle the financials much at wartime and my brother was over much of that so I never saw a million get lost but I always had a feeling something wasn't quite right by the wardrobe so to say"

Kristinn Spence also revealed that he was denied an appendix removal at 8 hospitals in Europe even after doctors found problems on a Ct scan image and diagnosed him with appendicitis and says he has to use antibiotics to be healthy and that the government has ignored his messages and implies they have worked against him ever since he went public as a whistleblower.

The mystery case of Kristinn Spence and his brother is nowhere done and we will post new updates in the coming days at

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