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Another City-wide Free WiFi Network Announced by dSpot Inc

dSpot Inc, the provider of free to use WiFi hotspot networks announces a new partnership bringing free WiFi to Scottsdale, AZ.


Thousand Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2010 -- dSpot Inc, the provider of an innovative 'free to use' WiFi Hotspot system that is supported in part by advertising from local merchants, is pleased to announce today the launch of their 4th city-wide Free WiFi network in Scottsdale, AZ in partnership with Ad-Ventures Publishing, the local independent Yellow Pages publisher.

"The deployment of our 4th Free WiFi network after Lake Havasu City (AZ), Ojai (CA) and Jackson (WY), will bring huge benefit to the people of Scottsdale, as well as the local businesses and our partner, Ad-Ventures Publishing, who publishes the local Yellow Pages book. City visitors and residents will be able to get completely free WiFI access on their laptops, smart phones and PDAs from numerous locations around the City and as they browse, they will see unobtrusive advertising from local merchants - often money saving coupons and special deals negotiated specifically for the dSpot network." says Steve Congrave, dSpot's founder.

"Our partner, Ad-Ventures Publishing and their local Yellow Pages book, has been given exclusivity across their print book footprint - no other Yellow Pages publication can offer the businesses of Scottsdale advertising across the dSpot WiFi Hotspot network. Advertising on the WiFi hotspot is an amazing opportunity for local businesses who can focus their message on potential customers who may be less than a mile from their front doors and those ads can be delivered at times that make them most effective - for example, promoting a Pizza money saving coupon just before lunchtime."

"Our experience in the other cities, where we deliver tens of thousands of free WiFi minutes every day, has shown that people love the free WiFi service and have readily accepted the ads from local businesses, especially where those ads have included money saving coupons. We are looking forward to deploying in Scottsdale and bringing dSpot to many other cities across the US in partnership with other independent Yellow Page publishers."

For further information visit http://www.dspot.com