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Anti Aging Skincare: Stop Throwing Away Your Money


Hesperus, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2014 --HESPERUS, CO - March 11, 2014 – Anti aging skincare products that use plant stem cell active ingredients in their formulas may be the closest thing cosmetically to the fountain of youth. Many consumers are finding that as wonderful a discovery as plant stem cell actives have been for skin regeneration, if you do not intelligently feed and care for these activated skin stem cells, and for your entire body, you are throwing away your money.

“Wrinkle reducing and skin tightening formulas primarily affect the epidermis or surface layer of skin that is replaced approximately every 30 to 40 days. To have tighter, smoother and more beautiful skin you must first activate and then allow epidermal skin stem cells to repair and replace rough, wrinkled and otherwise damaged normal skin cells. These stem cells are found beneath the epidermis. While these stem cells are being activated you must have appropriate nutritional, hygienic and other important support."

Such is the advice of Paul Harris, co-founder of HS Advanced Botanicals, which launched its Anti Aging Serum Advanced Formula, with Swiss apple stem cell extract active, in February, 2014. The company is responding to growing consumer demand for in-depth knowledge about how plant stem cell active ingredients work, at the cellular level, and how these same consumers can take a more proactive role in the process of helping their bodies generate healthier, younger looking skin.

Harris contends that many consumers are no longer willing to take the word of a cosmetics manufacturer for product effectiveness regardless of how popular a brand may be. They have discovered there is more to healthy, beautiful skin than smearing on a cream, serum or lotion and crossing one's fingers. Buyers want the assurance of knowing what they can realistically expect to happen if they use certain skin treatment formulas in addition to engaging in other healthy activities.

“Until recently, consumers were mesmerized by advertisements, believing the results models or actors were experiencing could happen to them,” said Harris. “Advertisements often stimulate emotional receptivity which can trigger a spur of the moment purchase before a consumer has seriously thought about whether or not the product could meet her or his needs and expectations.”

According to Harris, consumers should investigate clinical trial results or other research data of promising anti aging skincare products before making a purchase. Once a desired product is selected, to maximize results, Harris recommends facial exercises, facial massage, better bodily hygiene, dry skin brushing where possible and a daily diet scientifically in tune with one's genetic type and temperament. The company offers a free genetic and temperament analysis and tips for healthier skin. Send such inquiries to: dic@frontier.net.

About HS Advanced Botanicals
HS Advanced Botanicals is a US based cosmetics company marketing unique and effective anti aging skincare products beneficial for every skin condition. For more information visit; http://tinyurl.com/n57p88w or watch a YouTube video at; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOaGGgJRCUU. Media contact: Paul Harris at dic@frontier.net or call 970-424-1572.