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Antibacterial Sports Wash Eliminates Stains and Odors


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --Those who lead active lifestyles often have a difficult time finding a laundry detergent that takes care of stains and odors while remaining gentle enough for use on sportswear. After all, the moisture-wicking and breathable materials used in many types of athletic clothing can become easily damaged by traditional detergents—and anybody who buys activewear knows all-too-well just how expensive it can be.

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Antibacterial Sports Wash by No Sweat has been specifically formulated for use on sports clothing, and is ideal for not only removing odors while washing workout clothes, but sweat spots and other stains as well.

High-Efficiency Formula

Those who own high-efficiency washing machines will be happy to know that this formula is safe for use in these machines, which unfortunately cannot be said of many laundry detergents these days. This formula allows active people to enjoy thorough cleansing of their workout clothes while still enjoying the perks of high-efficiency washing, such as reduced water consumption and electricity use. A small amount of this detergent goes a long way, with just a cap-full being effective in washing a full load of soiled laundry.

Certified-Green Detergent

Speaking of high-efficiency, which is environmentally friendly, this detergent is also certified-green, which means that it is made with environmentally conscious processes and ingredients. Not many laundry detergents have this label, let alone detergents that are effective in removing stains and odors from activewear. Those who care about minimizing their environmental footprint can feel good about using this detergent while still enjoying its effectiveness in not just masking odors, but removing and neutralizing them altogether.

Ideal for Athletic Clothing

Removing odors and stains from athletic clothing can be a real challenge. All too often, traditional detergents simply mask the odors with strong scents. However, as the scent inevitably wears off, the body oils, sweat, and other bacteria remain and cause a lingering smell. With this No Sweat formula, the detergent safely penetrates the fabric and uses trademarked BioBlast enzyme technology to neutralize the odors and eliminate them completely. Meanwhile, the detergent does not affect the elasticity or lifespan of the material itself. It is even effective in removing those embarrassing yellow sweat stains that tend to linger on light-colored t-shirts and other attire. It's even safe for use on under-garments.

This detergent is also highly recommended not just for gym enthusiasts, but those whose jobs require them to remain active on a daily basis. Construction workers, factory workers, and the like experience many of the same challenges of getting their work clothes clean and smelling fresh. This detergent is great for use on soiled work clothing as well. Its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial- anti-microbial, and anti-allergen formula make it the ideal detergent to replace most other detergents within the household.

Finding a liquid detergent that deodorizes fabrics while removing the toughest of sweat stains hasn't been easy, but with this No Sweat Anti-Bacterial Sports Wash, you can remain as active as you'd like without having to sacrifice clean and fresh-smelling clothing in the process.

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