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Antlion Audio Announces First USB Attachable Microphone

New Core ModMic Lineup!


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2019 --PORTLAND, OR — Oct 8, 2019 — Antlion Audio (, the leader in attachable microphones for gaming, streaming and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), returns to their core lineup in a major way. Following the success of the ModMic Wireless, Antlion has taken the digital learning and applied it to their wired product line to create the ModMic USB. This microphone is the first native USB attachable microphone on the market, with unmatched quality and consistency across devices. Additionally, the ModMic 4 is upgraded to the new ModMic Uni. This traditional 3.5mm terminating ModMic has upgraded internals to create the highest quality noise-canceling mic of its kind.

The wired ModMic is the foundation on which Antlion Audio was built. Every successive generation, from ModMic 1 to the new ModMic USB, has seen vast leaps forward in build and mic quality. The new ModMic USB and ModMic Uni are no exceptions. At the forefront is what makes ModMic special, the ability to attach to any pair of headphones, allowing users to create the ultimate custom headset for gaming, streaming, business, and so much more.

The new ModMic USB utilizes the consistency of USB voltage to power an advanced ADC chipset, pre-amp, and premium microphone capsules, creating the highest quality ModMic ever made. Combine this with the ability to swap between noise-canceling and studio-quality modes on the fly and you can see why it is in a class of its own. There's literally nothing like it on the market today.

The new ModMic Uni is a direct upgrade to the Modmic 4. While similar on the outside, the internals have been reworked, including the same new premium noise-canceling mic found in the ModMic USB. These upgrades provide the ModMic Uni with a substantial improvement to audio quality, noise floor, and signal to noise ratio.

James Console, Antlion's founder and inventor of the ModMic commented, "With each generation of ModMic we learn and listen to our users, then return to the design to create the microphones people want. In creating the ModMic Wireless we saw huge opportunity to use what we learned to further enhance the previous wired ModMic generation. These two new products are the culmination of those learnings."

ModMic USB Features
- Attach to Any Headphones: The patented Antlion clasp keeps the mic securely in place, yet can be removed at any time. The perfect blend of freedom and security.

- Unparalleled Performance: A USB interface ensures the mic performs equally across all devices with special circuitry to take advantage of USB power and boost performance.

- Dual Mic Modes: A brand new uni-directional noise canceling mode for loud environments or a higher response omni-directional recording mode for when quality counts.

- Digital Mute: Instant silence with just the tap of a button.

ModMic Uni Features
- Attach to Any Headphones: The patented Antlion clasp keeps the mic securely in place, yet can be removed at any time. The perfect blend of freedom and security.

- Universal Termination: Terminating in 3.5mm gives the most flexibility in connecting to different devices, be that PC, console, phones, cameras, or other devices.

- Analog Mute: Instant silence, always in reach.

The new ModMic USB is available effective Oct 8, 2019 with an MSRP of $79.95 and the new Modmic Uni is available with an MSRP of $49.95 from the Antlion Audio online store at, as well as Amazon in the USA. For a full list of retailers around the world visit: