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Antron Engineering & Machine Upgrades Toolset with Big-Plus Spindle System and High Torque Retention Knobs


Bellingham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2013 --Antron Engineering & Machine Company announced the expanded use of an advanced spindle system to improve its machining operations.

The Big-Plus spindle system from Big Kaiser provides increased rigidity of machining tools during high-speed operations. This allows for greater accuracy and performance within tighter tolerances. Antron also acquired high torque retention knobs from JM Performance Products to be used in conjunction with the Big-Plus.

“The Big-Plus gives us a big step up both in productivity and precision,” said Anthony Denietolis, President of Antron Engineering & Machine. “Its low-vibration design also extends the life of consumable tooling, increasing our spindle up time which helps keep our costs down. That means a better product and a better value for our customers.”

The Big-Plus spindle system achieves simultaneous dual contact between both the taper and face of the machine spindle and tool holder, unlike a conventional spindle system that only locates on the taper. The tool therefore is held in place with less vibration. Big Kaiser guarantees the Big-Plus will outperform conventional systems in all applications for which it is suited.

Antron's other addition to their expansive toolset is a set of high torque pull studs from JM Performance Products. The pull stud threads are longer so it screws deeper into the holder preventing it from expanding, further increasing rigidity and production while lowering harmonics.

“The new retention knobs combine with the Big-Plus system to give us huge advantages across the board – productivity, costs, and quality,” added Denietolis. “We're always expanding our collection of top-quality tools to deliver better products.”

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