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Antron Engineering Provides High-Precision Syringe Pumps


Bellingham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2013 --Antron Engineering offers a new generation of microprocessor-controlled syringe pump.

Drawing on its extensive experience in contract manufacturing and machining, Antron Engineering carries a full line of 17 syringe pumps suitable for a wide variety of applications.

“At Antron Engineering, we've been manufacturing quality parts and finished products to exacting specifications for over 25 years,” said John Kauker, Executive Vice President and Treasurer at Antron Engineering. “With these high-quality syringe pumps, we've leveraged that knowledge to provide a product suited to tasks requiring the utmost precision.”

Syringe pumps, also known as syringe drivers, are used to slowly and steadily administer fluids, particularly medications, to patients. Syringe pumps prevent sharp spikes and dips in blood levels of medications. They allow health care staff to devote their time and attention to more important tasks, and they give steadier, more precise results than human hands can achieve.

“Our syringe pumps are easy to use, which helps to ensure accuracy and reliability,” added Kauker. “They're suitable for all applications requiring high metering precision at low, pulse-free rates.”

In addition to health care applications, syringe pumps are also used in several areas of chemical and biological research.

Antron also offers a line of stainless steel syringes suitable for high pressures and corrosive liquids. The syringes are guaranteed to be leak free to pressures in excess of 750 psi. They range in size from 5 milliliters to 200 milliliters.

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Antron Engineering & Machine Company is located in Bellingham, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1985 by Kauker and Anthony Denietolis, the current president. Together, Denietolis and Kauker have over 70 years of education and experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing.

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