AnyFlip - A Leading Digital Publishing Platform at the Fingertips

A digital publishing tool which offers content rich article creation through their online website has become readily available to publishers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2016 --AnyFlip is a leading interactive digital platform, allowing companies to create a personal homepage with custom banners and profile images to show off their latest digital publications with others. Appealing to a range of audiences and business sectors, AnyFlip is designed to offer an extra dimension to publishers and content houses worldwide.

AnyFlip users can convert PDF file into an interactive, realistic flipbook in high resolution in minutes. After the conversion of pdf to flipbook, users can change the appearance of flipbook for different needs.

1. Set the page thickness
AnyFlip gives users great freedom to choose the most suitable one from 5 types of page thickness-None, Thinner, Thin, Thick and Thicker.

2. Customize the color for the edge of the page
To customize the color for the edge of the page, AnyFlip allows users to replace the default color with the other one.

3. Show or hide the thumbnail pallet
To meet their demand, users have an option to show or hide the thumbnail pallet when opening the flipbook.

Other features include being able to add custom animations and a variety of additional creative effects including audio, video. The flipbook created by AnyFlip can easily be shared with users on social networks including Facebook and Twitter through their mobile application. Users of AnyFlip can easily track and record visit and impressions via their inbuilt analytics program.

Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip, sees the online platform as a favorite amongst publishing houses worldwide. This online tool allows publishing houses to create and build their publications in a safe and creative environment. We are seeing more imaginative uses of our software and we look forward to how publishers express their content creation online.

For further information about the leading interactive digital platform, please visit AnyFlip blog post.

About AnyFlip
As a leading interactive digital platform, AnyFlip is trusted by 217,962+ publishers worldwide. With AnyFlip, users easily can read, upload and share magazine, brochure, catalog and other digital publications.