AnyFlip Announces the New PDF to Flipbook Publishing Solution for Publishers


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2016 --It has been rightly said that 'change is the only constant thing in life.' This particular cliché has been generally and universally accepted by loads of people from all tribe, color, race etc. around the world.

Just as the world is changing and technology is advancing at a rapid rate, the demands of individuals, publishers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large organizations and so on, for new innovations, new inventions, and new ways of achieving efficiency/effectiveness etc. without hassles has also been on the geometric rise day by day.

In recent times, technology has been growing at a continuous and alarming rate, thereby providing succor to modern society. Day in day out, technology has always been focused towards making life simpler and stress-free for all. When it comes to reading for example, gone are the days of making use of traditional PDF files – all thanks to technology.

It was to this end that AnyFlip – a world leading technology provider of digital software solutions, is announcing the introduction of their perfect PDF to flipbook publishing solution for all publishers, with the intent of helping them to reach their audiences easier.

Speaking about this enviable innovation, a spokesperson of AnyFlip commented thus; "It is a known fact that PDF files cannot meet people's demands anymore, as more and more people now do e-reading not only on their computers, but also on their mobile phones and tablets."

"Being an organization that has foresight and understands changing trends in lifestyles and technology, we took the initiative by coming up with our PDF to flipbook software publishing platform, which has the in-built capacity of helping AnyFlip's publishers to convert PDF to flipbook in minutes, so as to keep up with their valued audience" he added.

With AnyFlip's PDF to flipbook software, page views are guaranteed to increase. This is so because the software converts PDF files to stunning flipbooks that is now becoming the 'jewel' of readers.

Furthermore, with the added benefit of AnyFlip's extraordinary page editor, publishers can also customize and enhance their flipbooks with amazing multimedia.

About AnyFlip
AnyFlip is a premium all in all digital software publishing platform that makes it extremely easy for publishers to convert PDF to flipbook without stress.

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