AnyFlip Enables Publishers to Measure Flipbook Success Easily


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2015 --Drawing tangible outcomes of one's efforts is always soothing and this reality goes equally true in case of online marketing. Those associated with internet marketing know the significance of plugins or tools that allow them to check the efficacy of their marketing strategy and of course, analyze the results of their SEO campaign.

AnyFlip, the Hong Kong based agency having presented a versatile and incredible flipbook making platform, offers its users the facility to measure the success of their flipbooks. This certainly is a distinct facet which many of its industry equals are yet to come up with! Integrating Google Analytics with its software, AnyFlip has enabled publishers to get imperative readership statistics which are diversely valuable for them.

Design Team's chief representative explains why it has been included on the AnyFlip's flipbook publishing platform and how vastly it is helpful to publishers. "For any publisher, there is nothing more comforting than seeing the number of his publication's visitors climbing up. This is how publishers measure the success of their digital content. Our back office individuals are pushing boundaries to education our users about how to draw variety of metrics based upon viewership stats and measure their flipbook success. Pageviews is of course one of the decisive parameters but there is much more than this that we embark on."

AnyFlip's Analytics Head goes on to tell, "Process of determining flipbook statistics is easy but the results drawn from it are immensely favorable. Right from knowing the number of users per issue to finding most popular spreads and percentage of new users interested in a particular issue, this facility fosters a large purview. Additionally, publishers can also know the number of clipping shares, number of clicks on specific buttons and much more – all leading them important insights about the viewership of their publications."

Google Analytics Integration in AnyFlip's digital publishing software is exceedingly helpful for publishers however more information about this option can be found at their website: