AnyFlip Hailed Number 1 Flipbook Maker of the Season

A survey from among graphic designers around the globe showed that AnyFlip software is their most preferred flipbook maker.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2018 --Earning the first rank as a flipbook maker has overwhelmed the management and creator of AnyFlip. During the recent survey conducted by an independent market research agency, the poll showed that AnyFlip is the most preferred flipbook maker by most graphic designers today, both amateurs and professionals in the field. The survey took a population of graphic designers, who are actively publishing books and reading materials online. The market research agency came up with a comprehensive questionnaire, the result showed that 63% of the respondents prefer to use AnyFlip than the other three flipbook makers on the list. Moreover, the agency has identified the product's price, ease of operation and configuration and the file upload size allowance as the top reasons why AnyFlip appears to be attractive to many graphic designers.

Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip, shared her thoughts about the survey result during an interview saying, "Merely looking at the number of downloads of AnyFlip software could hardly measure the satisfaction of the users. But when this survey came out, it gave us more confidence that truly, AnyFlip has served its purpose to its target consumers such as book publishers, graphic designers or any individual who just wanted to make an interactive flipbook."

The company considered the result of the poll as an honor but they also perceived it as more of an opportunity to enhance such flipbook maker. Right from the start, the creator of AnyFlip aimed at providing a user-friendly flipbook maker to their target clientele. Now that they already ranked number one, they are taking the challenge to integrate more innovations for a better version of AnyFlip. In fact, the company has recently announced its plan to expand the features of its free version of the software while offering flexible payment terms for those who purchase the product, either the Pro, Platinum or Enterprise version.

Indeed, AnyFlip allows graphic designers to derive incredible digital copies of their magazines, catalogs, brochures, books, etc. This flipbook maker has truly turned them into a more competent artist in their field while delivering digital publishing solutions to their customers and readers.

About AnyFlip
AnyFlip as an HTML5-enabled software was created to generate more dynamic and interactive flipbooks that are easy to create. The launching date of this flipbook maker marked the evolution of online publishing. Magazines, catalogs and other information dissemination materials made more accessible through AnyFlip. Interested individuals, parties and businesses can check out for more details.