AnyFlip Is Available for Digital Textbook Publishing During the Coronavirus

Teachers can create digital learning materials and share them with students online during the coronavirus lockdown.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2020 --AnyFlip is an adept digital publishing software provider with global influence. The company provides users with advanced tools for creating interactive digital publications. Today, AnyFlip is available for digital textbook publishing during the current coronavirus shutdown. Teachers can access the platform and develop digital textbooks to help learners continue with their studies. Digital textbooks offer simplified learning materials that enhance the overall experience for students. They contain multimedia elements that make the learning process more engaging and interactive.

Teachers can use the AnyFlip platform to enable students to actively participate in the learning process by writing comments, asking questions, and providing feedback to their teachers directly through the digital textbooks. The best thing about it is that learners can easily access learning materials and study from anywhere, anytime, and in their native language. They can read the textbooks from their tablets, smartphones, or laptops, or download content at their convenience for offline use.

"Our platform was intended to help educators enhance their teaching services in a more creative and simplified manner," said Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip. "By creating digital textbooks, they will be able to help many students out there who are on recess due to the ongoing coronavirus shutdown. They can access learning materials and other resources quickly on any device, whether online or offline. We also want teachers to market and sell their digital textbooks and earn some revenue for themselves."

Digital textbooks created at AnyFlip contain multiple interactive elements that help learners search for, bookmark, and highlight content. They can quickly search for and find topics without having to turn pages. Besides, they can also zoom in and out, adjust fonts, and brightness to enjoy a wholesome learning experience. Teachers can also provide quizzes and other practice questions on different topics to help students test their abilities and take responsibility for their studies. Students will get instant test results and feedback from the teachers.

By creating digital textbooks, teachers are offering on-the-go learning for students. AnyFlip makes it easy for them to update information more frequently to keep learners well informed of current events and developments. The digital textbooks contain plenty of edutainment value as the learning modules are embellished with animations, music, videos, and audio explanations. This not only makes learning fun and enjoyable but also increases knowledge retention value. Learners can proactively interact with the study materials and enhance their academic performances.

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