AnyFlip Launched New Update to Flipping Book for Mac

AnyFlip has come up with unique concept which has revolutionized the reading through introduction of flipbook software which makes document attractive and readable to the people.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2016 --Wondering how the reading experiences can be made interesting if people are bored from the PDF? Here is the solution from the company AnyFlip which has introduced flipping book for Mac through which graphic oriented and multimedia supported flipbook for the documents can be created. The usage of flipbook software has actually made the work comfortable and easier than before.

How flipbook from AnyFlip actually works?

The flipping book for Mac has changed the concept of reading digital publications in a unique way as it helps the people to know about a particular book or product with ease. With added features which are mentioned below the flipbook is attracting the people worldwide. Here are its features:-

- Making customized flipbook: The rich media like the movie and videos which are embedded into the flipbook has changed its outlook. The other add-on features are the inserting of dynamic texts, YouTube videos, links, flash, highlight the important areas, insert innovative buttons etc.

- Available in offline formats: It's even easy to make it readable in offline formats like that in HTML5, APP for Mac, EXE for Windows and FBR flipbook format. The other amazing offline features are publishing it as the plugins for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

- Creating table of contents: One important thing is the creation of Table of Contents for the flipbook which is a necessary part. It will help the readers to have quick view of the book just by clicking on the information they actually need from this flipbook.

- Secure the published flipbook: The highly secured features help the flipbook only accessible to the particular users who have the respective E-mail Id or the Password. Even the creation of "User List" helps in making it secure as only fewer users can access it.

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