AnyFlip Launches a Flipbook Maker with Sharing Feature for Online Exposure

AnyFlip launched a flipbook maker that makes it easy for users to share their flipbooks on social networks, such as Facebook, G+, Twitter and so on.


HongKong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2020 --AnyFlip offers software solutions for both local and international clients. Today, the company has unveiled a flipbook maker with sharing and social media integration. Since social media is a critical aspect of digital marketing, this new product will help users reach out to many people across the globe. This is a marketing opportunity that will help AnyFlip clients expose their products and brands through visually appealing digital publications.

AnyFlip is a committed partner that knows how important social media marketing is to e-commerce. The digital platform is ideal for users to improve their brand awareness and audience loyalty. They do this by engaging and interacting with their audiences through captivating publications. They can communicate with them by catering to their interests and pain points and by doing so, they will get more chances of conversion.

"Our flipbook maker is designed to improve our clients' marketing techniques," said Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip. We have included social media integration and sharing options, so they can have more avenues to publish their creations and interact with more readers. This will help them accomplish their goals and objectives of enhancing their online exposure and brand and product promotion."

With the help of AnyFlip's flipbook maker, users can create, publish and share their flipbooks through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ and so on. Users can apply various social media marketing strategies to increase recognition for their brands, improve user experience, and earn more customers. Once audiences get accustomed to their presence through the publications, it will be easy for users to connect and retain them. They will develop a customer base that is loyal to their publications and businesses.

Having a flipbook maker with social media integration can help users monitor the behavior of their audiences on their publications. In turn, they will get to understand their opinions and interests to better target their publications, products, and services to the right audience. Once the customers are contented with their services, users will witness increased traffic towards their products and businesses. Regularly updating their publications with new ideas and products can help beat competition and improve rankings on the search engines.

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