AnyFlip Launches a Free Digital Publishing Platform for the Publishing Industry

AnyFlip’s free digital publishing platform allows users to turn PDFs into interactive flipbooks.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2019 --AnyFlip promises to change the way businesses can create content by offering a free digital publishing platform that can convert any PDF into an interactive digital flipbook. Magazines, catalogs, newsletters and brochures are some of the content that can be dramatically improved by converting them into stunning interactive digital flipbooks.

The process of conversion takes only a few minutes. The converted file can also be viewed on any device, including mobile devices allowing the content to reach as many readers as possible. "By offering this free platform, we want to enable anyone to use advanced flipbook features to create engaging content," stated Jason Chan, CEO of AnyFlip. "You now have an array of powerful functionalities that can take your PDF files and create digital flipbooks that will really give a new dimension to the reading experience."

Beyond just creating a flipbook, AnyFlip's new platform offers many advanced features that can greatly enhance effective communication. For example, publishers can incorporate multimedia such as animations, video clips, music clips, text and image slideshows into their PDFs to really engage their readers. Over 120 pre-designed templates are also available, so even beginners can create great flipbooks. These templates are fully customizable so users can select different covers, buttons and colors. Also, they can add their company logos to their flipbooks and display their flipbooks in an embedded bookshelf on their sites.

With unlimited cloud storage, publishers can use the AnyFlip platform to reach audiences around the world. The AnyFlip Mobile Viewer enables mobile users to enjoy the full range of interactive features in the flipbooks that they are viewing. For businesses, an added advantage is the ability to create a point and click shopping environment that will allow users to order products and services without leaving the page. A further benefit for companies is the ability to track reader behavior such as the number of readers, the time spent on the page and the keyword searched for by incorporating Google analytics into the publication.

"Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate more effective communication by enabling individuals and businesses to express themselves fully using the powerful features of digital flipbooks," said Jason Chan.

About AnyFlip
AnyFlip is headquartered in Hong Kong, and is a leading publishing platform for digital flipbooks. Its mission is to enable creators to use the innovative features of flipbooks to produce immersive and engaging reading experiences. For more information, please visit