AnyFlip Launches a Free Online Brochure Maker with Tutorials for Beginners

The release of AnyFlip’s guide for beginners for an effective use of the free online brochure maker went trending online.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/19/2018 --It was early this month when AnyFlip, a free online brochure maker, launched its first online tutorial for beginners. This came as a surprise for digital brochure publishers who had been using AnyFlip. This is because most of them already think that this brochure maker is easy and convenient to use. Thus, a tutorial might no longer be necessary. However, when the tutorial sessions and materials were made available, users were able to discover more about the software's capacity to produce effective brochures. There is no doubt why many layout artists for brochures were hooked on AnyFlip's information campaign as they followed through all the tutorial sessions that the company has made available to their users for free.

The company wanted to be more than just a producer of a free online brochure maker, as stated by Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip. She said, "AnyFlip has too much potential in it that must not go to waste. The most effective way not to let that happen is to establish awareness to users and prospect clientele on how to make the most of this free online brochure maker." Lee further explained how the tutorial materials will work for the users as she further described, "This tutorial is designed for beginners in a way that AnyFlip's functionalities are presented in the simplest way. However, it could also benefit those who are already experts in digital brochure publishing."

Before the launching of the tutorial materials, most users were limited to the idea that this free online brochure maker plainly functions as a converter of PDF files into brochures that are HTML5 compliant. The tutorial sessions and materials launched by the company became an eye-opener on how investors, bloggers, layout and graphic artists or any individual can gain more for their business and online marketing endeavors. The tutorial revealed how this free online brochure maker works for search engine optimization that would allow AnyFlip's published materials to be easily searchable online. On top of the basic functions of this free online brochure maker, AnyFlip also has Google Analytics features that will aid users in creating engaging reading materials for their customers. Thus, whether for business or for information dissemination, any brochure created through AnyFlip will surely turn out to be an effective reading material.

About AnyFlip
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