AnyFlip Magazine Maker Allows Users to Build Digital Libraries for Magazines

Users can create integrated bookcases that will help them manage their digital magazines.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2019 --Digital magazines can be read beyond geographical borders. AnyFlip offers the best software for creating attention-grabbing magazines suitable for all readers. The magazine maker ensures that users provide their readers a continuous flow of information. Publishers can display their creativity by designing interactive digital magazines embedded with videos, images, audios, and animations, among many other unique features. They can also add links to engage their readers and also allow them easy navigation. AnyFlip enables accessibility of magazines on mobile phones, tablets, and many other digital platforms.

"Our software allows users to create integrated bookshelves where they can exhibit and manage their projects in an aesthetically pleasing showcase," said Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip. "The bookcases, which can be embedded into sites, enable users to build rich and unique digital libraries for storing all the editions published. Readers can easily access both updated and archived copies of these magazines from the bookcases."

AnyFlip helps users create flexible page-flipping digital magazines that can be edited or adjusted at any time. Users can link their magazines directly to their homepages or to particular products they wish to promote. The magazine maker also provides plenty of sharing options that help to enhance brand awareness. Apart from featuring products and services in their magazines, publishers can also display ads on their magazines using Google AdSense to generate revenue. The Google Analytics feature provides insights into the activities and behaviors of the readers to help users fine-tune their website copies, advertising campaigns, and more.

"At AnyFlip, we understand that regular audiences expect new content every day," continued Mr. Cheng. "We, therefore, empower users with tools to create new posts for their magazines every day in order to cultivate loyalty with readers and attract more leads and marketing opportunities. Since they can create SEO optimized content that can be indexed by Google, their projects achieve enhanced visibility and high ranking on the search engines. And as a result of indexing, users experience more traffic to their websites."

The growing competition in digital readership has exposed readers to plenty of choices and options online. Publishers have to consider creating stunning magazines with impressive graphics, fixating videos, mind-blowing audios and entertaining animations to lure readers into taking action. To reach a broader spectrum of readers, users have to develop projects that give them a competitive edge. When searching, audiences expect to find engaging content with unique features and functionalities that will create a mark. That is why users have to deliver presentable digital magazines with user-friendly accessibility, integration of innovative design technologies, professional content structuring and mobile optimization, among other features.

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