AnyFlip Online Magazine Software Is a Revolutionary Digital Innovation

AnyFlip changed the pace of innovation in digital publishing through remarkable features of this online magazine software.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2019 --In this age of digitization, both the publishing and entertainment industries encountered upheavals in the way their marketing and business processes are being done. The means of spreading ideas, news and information are no longer confined in a paper publication. In fact, information dissemination became highly reliant in the use of software, internet, online applications and the like. In the context of digital publishing, the makers of AnyFlip online magazine software definitely understand the need of the publishers to hastily provide their readers with entertaining and interesting information.

According to Jason Chen, CEO of AnyFlip, "By visiting AnyFlip website, anyone can gain interest in knowing how to use AnyFlip. The basic and advanced features of this online magazine maker ensures the efficiency of use while giving users the ability to produce effective online magazines." The CEO also talked about how AnyFlip can increase the productivity of online magazine publishers in circulating their produced magazines to global readers.

Here are some of the things that make AnyFlip noteworthy as an online magazine software. First, AnyFlip has a "Quick Upload" option for fast conversion of PDF documents into online magazines. Users will be provided with options to use either the Flash or the HTML5 format. As soon as the PDF document has been uploaded, users can already proceed with the editing and enhancing phase. With loads of templates and themes to choose from, on top of the option to add media files such as music, videos and images, AnyFlip users will then have the power to customize and even harmonize the magazine designs with its contents.

The distribution of AnyFlip-produced magazines is way too easy through the direct online uploading function to the AnyFlip cloud. These produced magazines are shareable on social media accounts of the users and target readers as well as on the website where the magazines can be embedded.

About AnyFlip
In the middle of the rise of various online magazine software, AnyFlip stands out because of the quality output that it can produce. Regardless of the level of expertise of AnyFlip users in operating online magazine software, it is a guarantee that they can effectively translate their ideas into brilliant online magazines. AnyFlip has been the most trustworthy online magazine maker today. Pieces of proofs of its reliability are presented through the showcase of AnyFlip-produced online magazines at