AnyFlip Page Turning Software Helps to Create Flipbooks for Email Marketing

Publishers can engage their customers by designing stunning flipbooks with new products and features such as promotions, special offers and more and embedding them into the emails they sent out.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/12/2019 --Enterprises utilize multiple tools in their marketing efforts to ensure their brands have the edge over the competition. AnyFlip is a reliable resource for page turning software that helps users craft marketing tools such as flipbooks, magazines, flyers, catalogs or brochures. Marketers can use the software to design as many digital flipbooks as possible through the batch conversion process. The flipbooks created at AnyFlip offer more shareability, SEO support, coverage and playfulness to audiences. They become more engaging and versatile when seasoned with features such as text effects, images, videos, page turning effect, embedded links, animations and much more.

"At AnyFlip, we know that audiences will definitely respond to both video and audio stimulus," said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip. "That is why we provide users with all the tools they need to create digital flipbooks with page turning effects. Integrating audio, videos and images into flipbooks makes them more attractive and compelling. Publishers can also customize the flipbooks to fit their needs and requirements."

AnyFlip empowers users to adopt tactics that help to broaden their client base automatically. They can design, publish and share their page turning flipbooks with audiences all over the world and make them loyal customers. Readers often appreciate when they feel close to the brands they are interacting with. The page turning software from AnyFlip helps marketers build relationships with prospects through engaging flipbooks that make them feel appreciated. Users use the flipbooks to communicate to their audiences through presentations, offers, animations, pricing lists and other content that will twist their perception regarding their brands.

"We help our clients develop strategies that will make people notice them," continued Anna Lee. "We make them step out of the box and push their limits through stunning flipbook presentations. Our page turning software enables them to create alluring flipbooks that will improve their online identity. By using flipbooks to represent their brands and communicate with audiences, users deliver concurrence to their brand awareness."

Marketers can also engage customers through email marketing. Their intriguing flipbooks can be embedded into emails and send to clients. They will be filled with presentations of products and new features such as special offers, promotions, and discounts to entice customers to purchase. Flipbooks enhance communication with clients and can have a significant impact on users' turnaround time by speeding up the final results. All users need to do is create flipbooks that speak to the needs of customers and address their pain points in a very creative and interactive way.

About AnyFlip
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