AnyFlip Releases a Brochure Maker for Business Owners in 2020

All business owners working with AnyFlip in 2020 will have access to innovative tools that will help them design captivating brochures that will effectively market their brands and products online.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2020 --AnyFlip helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses online. Today, the company released a brochure maker for business owners in 2020. The brochure maker designs e-brochures which are integrated with futuristic technology that delivers an upscale experience to both users and their target audiences. AnyFlip helps enterprises expand their businesses by promoting their brands and products online through interactive and engaging digital brochures.

AnyFlip offers innovative tools and features that can be used in designing brochures that deliver the right information about brands and their products or services. Since the brochures are mainly used for marketing purposes, the brochure maker helps to spread them across the web through various shareable options. Optimizing the e-brochures on search engines and other share functionalities can make them accessible to many people, offering unlimited promotion opportunities for users.

"At AnyFlip, we work with companies to help them expose their brands to global markets," said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of AnyFlip. "We have a cloud platform that makes it easy to distribute their creations to many readers in seconds. This solution is powered by Amazon S3 to store their data, making it safe and secure for our clients. With HTML5 enhancements, their brochures will instantly be accessed on all devices and across platforms.

Digital brochures offer a unique way of presenting products to audiences. AnyFlip users can introduce their brands and products online through well-designed e-brochures. This will help expand brand visibility and reach new markets. By integrating lead magnets into their brochures through call to action buttons, users will improve conversion rates, leading to more sales and profitability.

Digital brochures created at AnyFlip are made with interactive visual effects that prompt readers to engage automatically. Businesses use them to send positive messages about their success in order to build relationships with potential customers. They can emphasize their points using elements such as animations, graphics, photos, videos, hotspots, links, music and more to keep readers entertained while going through the brochures. Well-designed business brochures will help to grow the business, and expand customer reach.

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