AnyFlip's Flipbook Creator Is Available to Young to Create eBooks for Fun


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2016 --AnyFlip is an online flipbook creator made available to youngster's and kids to let them create eBooks for recreation as well as for education purposes. This application is for anyone who is a flipbook creator or lover because it lets its users use their imagination, creativity without limitations. Even letting them create their own online bookshelf with subscribers and viewers from all over the world making it a one stop location for youngsters to explore various possibilities, giving them a platform to learn and explore.

Throughout the course of time youngsters are always considered as a fountain of creativity, energy and passion. And an application like AnyFlip would give young minds a direction to focus on their creative skills and let their imagination run wild limitless and free across all dimensions. Unlike other eBooks, AnyFlip online flipbook creator gives users an option to add interactive videos, pictures, logos, links etc. to enhance the whole flipbook experience. That too for free!

Along with a free account AnyFlip also gives a cloud backup of the flipbooks created by the users so that their content is accessible, forever.

So, compared to a regular book, these digital books can be more resourceful as they can be created and accessed by almost anyone, anytime and anywhere.

To start using the unlimited world of imagination, the users have to register themselves for a desktop version or mobile version of the flipbook creator and start creating the most magical of stories. Not only as a hobby, but this flipbook creator can be used for school or college projects and workbook creation to help students display their ideas and knowledge in the most unique and resourceful way.

AnyFlip is not only for the ones who are a flipbook for fun, if required they can also publish and sell these online flipbooks to online publishers and subscribers to earn good pocket money for an upcoming vacations.

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