'AnyTime' Reward-Based Social Networking Platform Announces Official Launch Date

New Decentralized And Censorship-Free Social Media Network That Rewards Community Users With Cryptocurrency Is Set To Debut September 28, 2020


Dover, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2020 --AnyTime, a decentralized social media platform for freedom of information sharing using blockchain technology, today announces its official upcoming launch on Monday, September 28, 2020. Enabling individuals from around the world to easily connect and distribute content seamlessly within the community, AnyTime is the ultimate tool for the optimal blockchain experience that allows users to earn cryptocurrency for their engagement. Merging key elements of social media with the latest advancements in blockchain technology, AnyTime's interactive and rewarding ecosystem will be unlike anything else on the internet today.

"In 2020, there are more than three billion active social media users globally and the number is expected to continually increase as more of the world's population gains access to the internet," said Gabe Scott, CEO and Founder at AnyTime. "The social networking giants earn billions of dollars annually for themselves and their shareholders while little trickles down to the content creators and users who help make the platforms so valuable. At AnyTime, our platform rewards those active users who spend hours creating, posting, sharing, and engaging with content, thereby paving a path for a new digital economy available through our everyday social media interactions."

AnyTime is designed as an easy-to-use platform for individuals to come together to share their creative ideas, projects, and more with others seamlessly. As a wholly decentralized and secure social networking platform built on blockchain, AnyTime users can share their content without the worry of being banned or having to adhere to specific creative boundaries and censorship rules. While certain topics and behavior will be monitored to protect the greater user experience, AnyTime is a project driven by its passion to foster community and social interaction among users across the globe.

As a unique reward-based social networking platform, AnyTime users can earn "AnyTime Token" (ATT) from their fans for their active participation and daily content contributions through the easy crypto payment integration, web3. AnyTime Users can use their ATT at any time to reward their favorite information, upgrade or decorate their channels, boost their content for more audience reach, support other content creators, and much more. AnyTime users can also withdraw ATT as direct payments in USD, Bitcoin, and ETH. Bridging the gap for the average person to enter the crypto-word, or for the use of other crypto enthusiasts, AnyTime is designed to remove all traditional social media barriers and allow its users to thrive effortlessly and be rewarded like never before on the internet.

Pre-registration is open now ahead of the official launch for users on September 28, 2020.

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