APERO Is the World's First Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2016 --APERO, the world's first nitrous oxide powered wine opener, which makes opening wine bottles easy and effortless is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The APERO is an innovation founded by two friends from Los Angeles and Paris who combined their love of design and wine to create this revolutionary product. The traditional wine opening process can be intimidating, often requiring a lot of strength and finesse.  APERO is designed for anyone to use.  No more struggling to yank corks out of bottles or worrying about hand injuries during the process.

"Being from France, wine has always been part of my life. The name APERO actually comes from the French word "aperitif," which is a gathering of friends and family for drinks and appetizers - it is always a good time. That is why it was perfect for our product to be named after this," says co-founder Guillaume Acier about the inspiration behind the project.

With the press of a button, users can open any bottle of wine in a split second.  No replacement of batteries, charging docks or AC wall adapters to deal with. APERO works by injecting nitrous oxide into the wine bottle right above the surface of the wine to push the cork out from inside. 

APERO features a simple spring-loaded retracting base for easy cork removal. The product's thin needle pierces the cork smoothly, eliminating the potential for broken corks. The APERO in one swift motion cleanly and perfectly removes the cork, leaving a pristine, undamaged cork can be re-used as a temporary cap for the wine. APERO is powered by an 8g N2O charger that opens 40-50 bottles of wine.  N2O adds absolutely no flavor or odor to the wine.

APERO is a luxurious product with a look designed to be put on display. It is CNC milled from aircraft-grade aluminum & built to last a lifetime. Each APERO wine opener is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

"I believe good product design stretches beyond the marriage of design and functionality. It's also about the way a product makes you feel when you use it," says co-founder James Lai. "Materials, weight, tactile feel and sound come together in APERO to create a wine opening experience that is extremely satisfying."

The APERO Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2d7FYEz

APERO was started in 2015 by friends James Lai and Guillaume Acier. Having started their own businesses independently, they wanted to find a way to work on a project together. James' obsession for product design and Guillaume's passion for wine resulted in the development of the APERO wine opener.

For more information on APERO please visit http://www.aperowine.com/