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Apex Officer Releasing New VR Police Training Technology at Shotshow 2020

Apex Officer will showcase their new VR training technology for police, law enforcement, and military training at NSSF Shot Show January 21st through 24th in Las Vegas


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2020 --Apex Officer, an international provider of virtual reality training simulators for the law enforcement, military, and first responder announced today that it will showcase three innovative new technologies related to virtual reality and training simulations from January 21st through the 24th at NSSF Shot Show 2020.

The Las Vegas-based company will host free training simulations at their Las Vegas-based headquarters and training facilities where guests can experience the platform's SWAT, active shooter and use of force training scenarios in immersive virtual reality. Apex Officer provides access to hundreds of thousands of training simulations designed to optimize and improve decision making under extreme stress situations. Using the Apex Officer training simulator, police officers can quickly rack up thousands of repetitions in a safe, controlled, and realistic training environment.

Chase Dittmer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Apex Officer, added, "We have significantly expanded the scope of our participation at this year's NSSF Shot Show, and we are excited to demonstrate our newest virtual reality training simulator, brand-new firearm kits and our strategic partnerships with major computer hardware manufacturers. Apex Officer's presence at Shot Show will provide police officers, virtual reality enthusiasts, and investors the opportunity to experience the Apex Officer virtual reality training simulator in person. As a result, attendees will be able to gain a deep understanding of the increasingly vital training that Apex Officer's products provide to law enforcement customers around the world."

By visiting Apex Officer's training facilities, guests at Shot Show 2020 will have the opportunity to experience the newest technological revelation in training: virtual reality. Police officers and law enforcement agencies are taking advantage of virtual reality technology such as Apex Officer so that police officers can accumulate thousands of training simulations in both a safe and controlled environment.

Apex Officer will be providing private tours of their company headquarters and training facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada all week. Tours and private meetings can be scheduled from January 20th through the 24th. Please contact sales@apexofficer.com to make an appointment.

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Apex Officer is an international provider of virtual reality training simulators for the law enforcement, Defense, first responders, and educational markets. The company's proprietary technologies, software, and scenarios provide intense virtual reality training for de-escalation, judgmental use of force, marksmanship, crisis intervention and related training that mimics real-world situations. Apex Officer's mission is to use 21st-century technology to solve longstanding problems in policing and public safety. Learn more about Apex Officer at https://www.ApexOfficer.com/