The Apogee Foundation

Apogee Celebrates a New Era of Success in Fostering Creative Excellence Around the World

The Apogee Foundation begins its 2009/2010 season with an unprecedented history of achievements and ambitious future plans to foster creative excellence worldwide.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2009 -- The Apogee Foundation has announced that in its 2009/2010 season it will build on its historic record of success by introducing new multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural programs empowering creative excellence worldwide.

Apogee President Kenneth Schneider said: "It is my pleasure to applaud the Foundation's dedicated supporters around the world for the ever higher levels of recognition and success their efforts are now achieving. The continuing expansion of the Foundation's programs around the world demonstrates the continuing importance of our work inspiring mankind to fulfill its greatest vision of itself."

During the 2008/2009 season just concluded, Apogee achieved new milestones of prominence and effectiveness, being named “Top Non-Profit” in the inaugural Fast Pitch! Business Awards:

Apogee also partnered with international media and technology group Aurience Ltd. to create greater awareness of Apogee Awards laureates, increase the impact of Apogee Academy educational programs, and expand the reach of Apogee Artists performance events worldwide:

During the year to come, Apogee’s trademark Synergy Programs, which offer artists from diverse cultural backgrounds the opportunity to transcend boundaries together, will take center stage. In the next phase of Synergy's evolution, the Foundation will be focusing on the power of sacred music as a transcendent medium to convey new forms of understanding and enable the sharing of values across cultural boundaries:

As Apogee begins its new season, the Foundation's efforts will be directed towards transforming creative artists' entire career paths by re-envisioning the types of institutions within which those careers evolve. These plans involve integrating the most effective educational and artistic traditions from both East and West into multi-disciplinary, global creative centers where gifted artists can achieve their fullest potential together.

The Foundation seeks to empower people everywhere to participate in its mission of fostering creative excellence. Apogee’s management therefore invites the public to participate in shaping the Foundation's future agency on its behalf by responding to a brief questionnaire at the conclusion of the Foundation's recent newsletter:

About The Apogee Foundation ®
The term "apogee" means "the highest point, the culmination." The Apogee Foundation believes in the power of the performing arts to embody and inspire the pursuit of human excellence. By virtue of its innovative approach to implementing this vision, the Foundation has become an internationally recognized platform for the promotion of humanity’s greatest vision of itself.