App Review: Memory Booster vs. Advanced Task Killer

Make Your Own Choice in Boosting Your Android Smartphone


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2010 -- This review compares Memory Booster with Advanced Task Killer (ATK) based on the author's objective analysis and long-time user experience. Memory Booster is regarded as a comprehensive memory boosting tool offering task management, memory monitor & status report, as well as system information of the device; while ATK provides easy-to-use shortcut to manage tasks and functions to customize user interface.

Linux OS manages the Android memory in a very special way - to allow as many apps and services to stay simultaneously in the background as possible. These apps and services will launch very fast and efficiently when needed. For many, Linux OS has been doing pretty well in memory and task management. Task killers and memory boosting tools might have been regarded as useless. However, quite a few people are having troubles with such a system management routine.

Here is the comparison of Memory Booster with ATK:

On the whole, Memory Booster has more comprehensive functions than ATK, while ATK is typically simpler to use.

2. Similarities between Memory Booster and ATK:
In task management, Memory Booster and ATK have a lot in common. They both offer a list of apps and services from which users can easily select unwanted processes to kill. Besides, they both have auto kill function, as well as a protection list to prevent some needed apps/services from being killed.

3. Something that ATK has while Memory Booster does not:
(1) Kill When Screen is Off
(2) Widget Support
(3) Function to Customize User Interface

4. Something that Memory Booster has while ATK does not:
(1) Auto Boost Thresholds
(2) One-Click Memory Boosting
(3) Real-time Memory Monitor and Status Report
(4) Memory Boosting Performance Monitor
(5) System Info

To sum up, Memory Booster and ATK are both very effective in task management and system performance enhancement. Memory Booster reclaims your memory in a comprehensive way to greatly enhance your phone’s performance; while ATK offers you a convenient shortcut to kill any apps/services you want.

If you are feeling that a task management tool would bring benefit to your phone’s performance, these two applications should be on top of your selection list. For users who like an easy to use shortcut to manage processes, try ATK; for those who enjoy convenient and comprehensive task managers, check out Memory Booster for sure. The choice is yours.

Susan Lou, Director of Public Relations
Downloadandroid Inc.