AppActuator Starts at RocketSpace to Make Great Ideas King Again

AppActuator takes a spot at RocketSpace to make app building, marketing, sales, and funding easy. “Actuating Ideas” with a hassle-free mentality, now an app can be a reality with the simple launch of a prototype contest.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/30/2016 --Partnering with the iconic technology campus that once supported Uber and Spotify, AppActuator announces its launch. Piloting its ship at RocketSpace, AppActuator is on a mission of its own. They're on board to create an idea marketplace for the app building, marketing, sales, and venture capitalist arena. Taking a thought for an app all the way to a roster of designers, marketing strategists, sales pros, and investors, their seamless approach is all about the idea. Now, an app can start its simplistic trek toward reality with $250 and the start of a prototype design contest.

Quite literally as simple as 1,2,3,4, the process begins with a prototype design competition. A gathering of designers take an idea and bid for the pleasure of designing a wireframe app prototype. As in any bidding war, a good prototype means more competition equipped with stronger bids to choose from. Once a prototype is completed, owners will present it to app development companies through AppActuator. Once all software designers cards are on the table, the app idea owner will choose the best designer for their project and development starts. No surprises, no hidden costs. Just clear perimeters for a price, time to complete, features, and capabilities. AppActuator monitors the progress and uses their knowledge to make sure all the parameters are followed, and timelines are met.

From there marketing and sales companies bid to bring the finished app to the marketplace. But, they don't stop there. AppActuator will bring the finished product to investors and let them bid on the right to fuel the process with funding. Think of it as "idea people" that meet a seven step process; idea, design, bid, build, market, sell, fund. Simple.

Predominately working with mobile and Cloud-based apps, AppActuator helps idea makers who want to create a product or a service and not necessarily a company. AppActuator believes not every idea has to be a startup. It could just be a product. And, if it has the potential to become a major company, investors will invest and take it to that level.

Romel Bhanti, Founder of AppActuator, said of the launch, "By steering an idea from start to finish we make the entire process extremely transparent. We're dedicated to eliminating the unknowns, reducing cost, and managing the time it takes to create an app. That's the biggest hassle in the app building process. It makes everyone shy away from building something amazing. There's no need for that now. We create an eco-system where idea makers and professionals meet to create a dynamic win/win."

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About AppActuator
AppActuator is an online and mobile platform where users hold competitions that result in the building, marketing, sales, and funding for their app idea. AppActuator joined forces with RocketSpace on August 1st, 2016.

About RocketSpace
RocketSpace is a technology campus located in the heart of San Francisco. Since 2011, the company has been helping tech entrepreneurs, startups, and corporate professionals bring the future to market. Select members and alumni include Uber, Spotify, Supercell, Influitive, Practice Fusion, Weebly, Geli, Accenture, Schneider Electric, Converse, British Airways, Goodyear, Tata Communications, Royal Bank of Scotland, Pfizer, Samsung, and AT&T.

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180 Sansome St.
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Romel Bhanti
Founder, AppActuator


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