AppDupe's Uber Clone App Is Making Waves in the on-Demand Taxi Industry with Its New Features

AppDupe announces the release of an assortment of features for the Uber clone app they offer, including change payment option by end of the ride, tips, waiting charges, crash analytics in mobile applications.


Chennai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/07/2019 --AppDupe focuses on updating and reiterating with the present-day features the taxi apps have. No entrepreneur would want to be a dime a dozen and what helps them to be distinctive and catch customers' eyes is a sophisticated app. The company uses high-end software and technologies to carve the inch-perfect app to suit all your business requirements. Apprehending the fact that there are three aspects, customers, drivers, and admin, to be coordinated and sequenced, AppDupe has expert developers on its side for the same.

"Invest in your app and its features to satisfy your customers from all possible angles. AppDupe offers it all, a stable app with latest features for your customers to experience a convenient ride," said a spokesperson of AppDupe.

The company offers nothing less than an app that is solely developed for your taxi business with customizations. A new feature keeps getting added to the admin dashboard like document download and settlement module for the admin's smooth functioning. The budding entrepreneurs who wish to use AppDupe's Uber clone app for taxi services will gain a competitive edge over the rival counterparts.

Explaining about live geo-tracking, "Google Maps API have been used for maps, geo-location and for tracking locations. We also are offering a safety toolkit that includes a panic button, sharing details, ride check and much more. The safety toolkit will be integrated on request," said the spokesperson, AppDupe. Developing an app from scratch costs an arm and a leg, so AppDupe's Uber clone app is an entrepreneur's best bet.