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Apple Portable Charger Is Now Available on INDIEGOGO – LifeBattery AIR

Inspired by, Designed for Apple. Magnetic Charging Input & 3 Ports (1 AC / 2 USB Type-A, Type-C)


Palisades Park, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2017 --A new exciting campaign has been launched on the INDIEGOGO platform that is set to transform the lives of millions of Apple product owners. The campaign is to introduce the AC Powerbank, which is more commonly known as LIfebattery AIR. Those that are fed up with their Apple devices quickly running out of power will have the chance to be one of the first to own the new portable charger that has gained worldwide exposure for bringing Apple products back to life.

There are one billion Apple devices in the world, and Apple is one of the most recognized brands. However, even though they produce some of the best-known products, it seems Apple has still not tackled the biggest complaint their customers have; how quickly the battery loses power.

MacBook Owners have been complaining for many years at how quickly their battery runs out of power. Trying to work in remote locations can be frustrating when the battery suddenly dies. The LifeBattery AIR aims to solve that problem and provide Apple owners with a fast-portable charging solution.

A spokesman for UTM Inc., the company behind the Lifebattery AIR said: "Apple owners are frustrated at how quickly their devices lose power. It does not matter what device it is, from an Apple phone to an Apple laptop; the battery does not seem to last long enough. Our portable charger solves that problem and gives people power when they need it."

The sleek, elegant designed portable charger ( which is exclusively for Apple products has caused excitement in the Apple world. Technology reviewers have called The LifeBattery AIR one of the most exciting new products on the market, while many Apple owners have said, the new portable charger gives them freedom and allows them to keep their devices charged at all times.

Bob Joe an Apple product owner who has purchased the LifeBattery AIR said: "All I have to say is this is amazing! This product is perfect for someone such as myself! I work a lot on the go, and this definitely helps a lot in terms of charging my work laptop and phone. This will definitely save me the hassle of looking for a charging port and whatnot. Definitely industry breaking material here!!!"

The LifeBattery Air which comes in four colors; Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Space Gray is so easy to use. It provides all the power outputs on top of the product. With it being a flat-surface, the batteries stay flat which means no problems of accidentally losing charge by the portable charger disconnecting with the device. If that is not impressive enough, then how about having a MacBook Air charged up to 68-hours, or MacBook Pro Touch charged up to 63-hours, or an iPhone 7 up to 295 hours. Purchasing the portable device means no longer having to worry about an Apple product running out of power again.

Weighing just over 1.5 pounds, and 1-inch thick, the LifeBattery AIR is a perfect portable device that can be taken anywhere.

To learn more about the campaign, and to be one of the first to get their hands on the new portable battery charger, please visit:

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Contact Person: Billy Park
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