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Application of CYCJET Inkjet Printer on Metal Products


Shanghai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/17/2019 --With the arrival of summer, insecticides, air cleaners, paints and other paints are getting more and more attention, and the production date is naturally inseparable from these products.

This canned product has the following characteristics: first, the bottom is sprayed, and the bottom of the tube is recessed, and the static electricity is more.

  In view of the above characteristics, the selection of the printer is particularly important. First, because the bottom is sprayed, the tank cannot be inverted, so the stability requirements of the nozzle are exceptionally high. Secondly, the equipment is required to have strong antistatic capability. Due to seasonal production, the stability of the equipment is strict.
 The small character automatic inkjet printer has won the trust of a large number of daily chemical and can making enterprises because of its excellent quality and excellent stability.The online industrial inkjet printer is willing to escort your summer with excellent quality.

Every day we buy goods, whether it is food, medicine, daily necessities, we will have its own unique packaging, and the often-occurring packaging forms can be divided into metal packaging flexible packaging, ceramic packaging and so on. With the rapid development of the demand for fast-moving consumer goods, the requirements for metal packaging have become more market-oriented, professional, and the quality of metal packaging has become increasingly perfect.

As we all know, the application of High-speed inkjet printers in various industries has taken a dominant position. On metal packaging, small character inkjet printers can also exert their unique functions and advantages. In order to meet the needs of the development of fast-moving consumer goods industry, metal packaging enterprises should Start with the following aspects to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry as soon as possible. 

First, security.
Compared with flexible packaging and ceramic packaging, metal packaging is more stable in structure, high in impact strength, and able to ensure the quality of the product and its shape properties. Therefore, metal packaging is safe, but there is still room for improvement. As consumers pay more attention to safety, and with the improvement of inspection methods, the concept of food safety is also deepening and expanding. The metal packaging industry must also improve production and research capabilities, innovation capabilities, and gradually develop More environmentally friendly and stronger metal packaging materials.
Second, economic.
Advanced technology should be used to further enhance the competitiveness of metal packaging. In order to show their own characteristics, metal packaging needs to further adapt to the cost reduction of end products in terms of cost increase. For example, in the application of new materials and the application of new technologies, there is still a lot of room for development.
Third, convenience.
The so-called convenience is the convenience of the supermarket display in addition to the convenience of product packaging. In recent years, metal packaging has done a lot of work in this area, such as the development and application of packaging forms such as easy-to-open caps and magic cans. It should be said that convenience is the general trend of the future development of the metal packaging industry, and metal packaging companies have great potential in this regard.
Fourth, the traceability of product quality.
The information printed on the metal packaging by the High-Quality industrial inkjet printer, including the date of manufacture, product composition, shelf life, barcode, and code, greatly enhances the management of the product during production and transportation. Therefore, it is inevitable to improve the traceability of the information on metal packaging.

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