Apvera Becomes a Member of the Holland FinTech Association

Apvera establishes its European headquarter in the Netherlands and ramps up involvement in Dutch community


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2019 --Apvera is proud to announce that it has joined hands with the Holland Fintech Association in June 2019. Holland FinTech Association is an international fintech network that enables connectivity amongst parties within the financial value chain, and facilitates innovation & development, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Becoming a member of the Holland FinTech Association means being a part of rapidly growing Dutch FinTech Hub and Apvera's goal is to provide expertise to the market to reduce uncertainty, risk and contribute proactively towards smooth business operations, by providing a well-managed, Cyber Secure and compliant corporate environment that accelerates growth and development.

Eric Meyer, Apvera's CEO, "We are pleased to join Holland FinTech Association and have the opportunity to collaborate and serve financial services organizations and to empower these companies with the analytical tools to contextually anticipate and interpret Cyber risks in adherence to regulatory standards and frameworks.''

Apvera help companies to manage Cyber Risk, achieve Compliance and Cyber Resilience with a range of Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, Risk & Compliance services. Apvera's proprietary sophisticated platform aids businesses to maintain customers trust, by ensuring compliance within the robust financial services regulatory environment (e.g. GDPR, PSD2, MiFID), where organizations need to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and financial asset protection.

By collaborating with the Holland Fintech Association, Apvera intends to address both technological needs and regulatory requirements that financial services industry must adhere to today. By leveraging proprietary SaaS technology, resources, expertise and knowledge, Apvera aims to help local businesses navigate complex landscape of today's data-driven world.

About Apvera
Apvera, Cyber Security risk management company, transforms how companies manage their Cyber Security posture through a deep understanding of the overall threat landscape within the organization and providing an analytical platform to contextually anticipate and interpret risk.

By adopting Apvera Insight360™, organizations gain an integrated view of Cyber Security risk, allowing to better identify, visualize, control, and mitigate a wider array of threats, providing for risk decisions to be well informed, well considered, and made in the context of organizational compliance objectives. Apvera's proprietary SaaS platform technology uses machine learning to track identity and anomalous behavior while offering an unmatched breadth and depth of critical data points use to derive situational awareness about near term and long-term Cyber risks.

About Holland FinTech Association
Holland FinTech Association is an independent ecosystem that brings together businesses and people in the financial services industry in the Netherlands. The goal of Holland FinTech Association is to promote collaboration and networking in the financial value chain, facilitate knowledge sharing between organizations and eventually allow businesses to benefit from innovation and development within the industry.