Arizona Gold Adventures, Inc.

Arizona Gold Adventures Suspends Gold Prospecting Vacations, Day Trips Near Mexican Border in Southern Arizona for Second Year

Arizona Gold Claims on Mexican Border Too Dangerous


White Plains, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2010 -- Arizona Gold Adventures Inc. (AGA) (, has suspended its gold prospecting operations south of Tucson, Arizona, for their 2010 / 2011 – Fall / Winter gold prospecting season. This is the second year in a row AGA has been forced to make this costly decision. Other AGA gold prospecting operations, located in Central and Northwestern Arizona, will not be affected by this decision.

AGA President Catherine Noonan stated, “The gold claims used by our guests in southern Arizona, are privately owned and very remote. Some can only be reached by helicopter or off-road vehicles, and are within one-mile of the Mexican border. We have received continuous reports of ‘Coyotes,’ or well armed smugglers, moving groups of illegal aliens and bales of drugs through many of the remote desert gold claims we prospect south of Tucson.

“Arizona Gold Adventures is not prepared to risk the safety of our guests, helicopter pilots or CAGAPI (Certified AGA Prospecting Instructors), while this clear and present danger exists throughout Arizona’s southern wilderness and AGA gold prospecting areas,” said Ms. Noonan.

Arizona Gold Adventures continues to offer ground and helicopter gold prospecting and meteorite vacations and day trips throughout Central and Northern Arizona. “While this decision will be disappointing to many of our guests, and financially difficult for many of our Tucson-area CAGAPI, we believe it is prudent and necessary,” said Ms. Noonan

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