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Arizona Notary Announces Optimism for Growth in 2018

Arizona Notary meets the demands of the growing housing market and the rise of the economy.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2018 --Arizona Notary, a subsidiary of American Association of Notaries (AAN), is looking to take off in 2018. Catering to the needs of notary publics, Arizona Notary's mission is to "make your experience as an Arizona notary public a protected and rewarding one". They have assisted thousands of notaries in renewing their notary public commission or becoming a first-time notary public.

It's no secret that the rise of the economy causes a rise in notaries. Because of business growth and growing prosperity, more private and public companies are in need of the services of notary publics to meet their transaction needs. Additionally, with the growth of the housing market, comes the growth of notary publics. It's estimated that the number of homeowners will increase in the next few years as the baby boom generation and millennial generation get older.

With the need for more notaries rising, Arizona Notary is the solution...the supply to meet the demand. It is your one-stop shop for all your notary needs, providing you with the most professional service and expertise, notary education and supplies, surety bonds, and Errors and Omissions Insurance Policies. Keeping you up-to-date via educational materials, seminars, and an extensive online newsletter is one of the most important duties they fulfill.

Commissioned notaries have undergone extensive training to become knowledgeable in their notarial duties. They must learn how to handle a multitude of situations including notarizing for blind or illiterate individuals, incompetent signers, and disabled persons. Additionally, notaries are required to express a high degree of care, attention, and effort when performing their duties. "One of the best ways to become knowledgeable in their notarial duties is through education, training, and membership into an organization that sponsors the office of notary public," says Kal Tabbara, President of American Association of Notaries.

American Association of Notaries has been operating full time since 1994, initially beginning its membership organization in Texas. Within a few years, it expanded into other states and became a full-service company. Since its inception, American Association of Notaries has advocated for stronger notary laws, continued to uphold the standards of notary practice, and has educated those who want to become public notaries or who want to improve their skills.

Being a leader in the notary industry and providing the best personal customer service for their customers is what sets them apart from their competitors. "One thing we hear from our customers is how appreciative they are about our customer service and responsiveness," says Tabbara.

Tabbara expects 2018 to be a steady growth for Arizona Notary. "With the strength of the economy on the upswing, we are definitely seeing an increased need for notary services. No matter what happens, the services that notary publics provide will always be an important part of the country's financial resources."

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