Dr. Dale Sandvall

Arlington, Texas Sports Medicine Practice Using Cold-Laser Therapy

State-of-the-art laser therapy techniques and technology are now in use at Dr. Dale Sandvall’s Texas sports medicine practice


Arlington, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2014 --Dr. Dale Sandvall is announcing the addition of state-of-the-art cold laser technology, equipment and techniques to the available services at his Arlington, Texas sport medicine and chiropractic practice. Patients who’ve suffered an injury or are laboring under a painful or restrictive physical condition may experience a decrease in overall wellness and quality of life. Dr. Sandvall’s goal is to return his patients to a healthy, normal life swiftly and successfully with little pain and inconvenience. The addition of cutting-edge laser therapy tools helps achieve this goal with improved results and a more pleasant patient experience.

Cold laser therapy is used in a variety of applications that manage pain, improve mobility, reduce inflammation and hasten recovery. Specific light wavelengths treat specific conditions, using the controlled light energy to enter damaged cells and stimulate naturally rejuvenating inter-cellular activity. This process results in a reduction of pain in the targeted cells and improves recovery rate. The healing process is considered complete when the targeted cells have recovered. Treatment is normally a completely painless process that lasts several minutes. Some patients experience a slight sensation at application point. For joint pain, swelling and inflammation, positive results generally occur after 1-3 treatments. Swelling will quickly decrease and patients will experience rapid pain relief. Regular applications of laser therapy are successful at controlling chronic conditions. Acute conditions may experience relief within one treatment.

About Biostimulation
Back pain is treated by an application of laser therapy as well. Biostimulation activated by controlled laser therapy improves the patient’s quality of life and provides effective pain management. Laser therapy is often preferable to pain medications, and as a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure it is beneficial for those who have severe phobias, allergic reactions to anesthetics or problems healing. Cold lasers, as the name implies, do not create or use heat. The controlled lasers penetrate and biostimulate at the cellular level, resulting in pain relief without scars or nerve damage.

To learn more about the technology and applications for laser therapy, visit Dr. Dale Sandvall online at www.drsandvall.com