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Armenian Passion Has Become the Leading Armenian Dating Site

For Immediate Press Release: 20th November2019, Los Angeles, USA


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2019 --Based and registered in Los Angeles, CA, Armenian Passion is slowly and gradually becoming the most popular dating site for Armenians. Armenian Passion takes failsafe measures to ensure that registered users find the soulmate they are looking for without compromising security. Subscribers of Armenian Passion will find that the portal is user-friendly as well as offers a host of practical features.

For Immediate Press Release: 20th November2019, Los Angeles, USA-Armenians based in the home country as well as the Diaspora looking to bond with someone belonging to their ethnicity can bank on Registered as an online dating site fourteen years ago, has over the years, become one of the fastest growing and most admired dating portal for Armenians. As an approved Armenian dating and chat website, Armenian Passion lets members to interact with each other via texts, live and video chats.

At the same time, registered subscribers can network and socialize with other members in the world of virtual reality, 3D realm. The site claims that as long as the subscribers stay sincere and truthful and aware of their priorities, the portal will help them to find their ideal mate. Unlike other dating and matchmaking sites, never makes tall claims about weighing up its members accurately.

However, the dating site asserts confidently that the portal can surely help its subscribers zero in on their appropriate match. Those who have used dating sites for stumbling upon someone for a casual rendezvous or finding their potential lifelong partner will vouch that these portals were platforms for escort services. The website design and development team members coordinated with each other for creating a state-of-the-art site that loaded instantly and was easy to navigate.

Each and every page of the Armenian Passion site has a very minimalist and modest look. The site does not carry any advertisement or promotional banner that could distract the user's attention and focus. Every page, starting from the home page to the 'About Us' page has a milky white and clear background.

The text appears distinct and prominent against the white background and at the same time very easy to read and follow. Armenian men and women, both youngsters and elderly will find the site very engaging, thanks to the numerous versatile features. Subscribers can rest assured that they'll sooner or later come across their prospective spouse by taking advantage of the site's features. A few attributes about the dating site that members will be able to make the most of include 'uploading of videos and photos', 'Android and iOS app, 'like users', 'block users', and 'see who you like'.

Other useful features that subscribers can use to their advantage comprise 'messaging to other members', 'studio and video chat', 'see mutual likes', 'colorful matchmaking graphs', 'street chats' and 3D city'. Of all the functional features Armenian Passion offers, '3DCity' is undoubtedly one attribute that can be regarded as the USP.

There are good reasons as to why the 3DCity feature is most entitled to receive the USP tag. For a start, 3D City enables users or subscribers to walk the talk in a three-dimensional environment. The feature exploits the virtual reality technology for giving users the experience of socializing in venues and spots that they usually use in reality.

By using the 3DCity feature, subscribers can get the feeling that they are networking with other members in a yacht, garden or a nightclub. Users when they use the 3D feature, feel that they are networking and hanging out with other subscribers in real-time. The members have the leeway and liberty to mask their real identity by choosing a personalized face, hairstyle, and clothes.

Or if an user wants he can retain his original face in the profile, thanks to the site's 'avatar changing algorithms'. Many subscribers who have started to use the site want to know if the avatars or profiles express the wide range of human emotions. These novice subscribers would be glad to learn that they can pick and choose an avatar tagged with their preferred emoticon.

Once a subscriber uploads a choice avatar with an emoticon the profile modifies its look to match the emotion. However, Armenian Passion recommends subscribers to upload their frontal face minus any emoticon, and 3DCity will impart an emotion that goes with the face. Users do not need to download 3DCity as it opens as a simple page where you start networking immediately in virtual reality.

For walking or talking in 3DCity, the member uses the computer mouse and the up/down arrow keys. With a smartphone, the user simply swipes the touch screen for walking or turning. The subscriber can double up as a celebrated actor or actress or use your face for communicating in 3DCity.

Another noteworthy feature that Armenian Passion subscribers will surely warm up to is Street Chat. Those who subscribe to online dating sites do so with the intention of establishing a relationship with a like-minded person. And like other reputed online matchmaking and dating sites, allows members to hang out with near and dear ones in the world of virtual reality.

Subscribers can socialize using actual faces in actual places by harnessing the advanced technology of Street Chat's Armenian Passion feature. Street Chat makes it amazingly easy for all its members to visit any country or city all over the world for having a tete-a-tete with an intimate friend. Street Chat's effective integration with 'Google Street' transports the user to his or her desired site.

This site or location could be located anywhere in the world-it could be in the US, Japan, Vanuatu or the Fijis. All that the member has to do is to choose the location and pin the same, and his virtual profile (avatar) will go live at the selected site. Thereafter the system will intimate the member's associates or friends, enabling them to hang out with the subscriber in virtual world.

The Armenian Passion attribute relating to Street Chat is considered as groundbreaking as far as social networking is concerned. Subscribers can virtually travel to any place in the world from the comfort of their homes and hang out with their friends.

About Armenian Passion is a well-known and reputed chatting and dating site for Armenians. This dating site, hosted about a decade and four years back, has become very popular with Armenians the world over.