Art Galaxie Publishes Leading Contemporary Artists' Works in Masters Vol. 3 Book


Lisbon, Portugal -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2018 --On a never-ending quest to promote and support today's talented contemporary artists and offer endless inspiration to art lovers, Art Galaxie is set to release its third volume in the Masters of Contemporary Fine Arts series. Featuring compelling original works by Gaelle Weissberg, Sergio Barrale, Kristine Poole, and other brilliant contemporary artists, Volume 3 is expected to be another riveting publication by Art Galaxie, embraced by both the art community and by those who appreciate the arts.

Founder of Art Galaxie, Pedro Boaventura is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help raise funds for Masters Volume 3 and to support the artists featured in this book, as well as those from the earlier versions of Masters of Contemporary Fine Art.

Boaventura, who has been taking care of all related expenses for the Masters book series, and for other multi-platform marketing services for artists through Art Galaxie, wants to raise enough funds to be able to offer Volume 3 to a larger audience. With resources to cover book printing, marketing, transaction fees, and other costs, Art Galaxie can sell the books at a lower price, leading to more sales and an income stream for the artists included in the book. Artists will receive 30% of the book sales.

To date, Art Galaxie has published over 1,000 works of art by nearly 200 of today's artists, all at no cost to the artists themselves. It is Boaventura's vision to expose the world to the great talents of today so they can take their rightful place as the classics of tomorrow. In this sense, Masters Volume 3 is more than a book. It is an initiative to ensure the spirit, creativity, and inspiration of the arts illuminates this era, just as fine art has served as a pivotal cultural force in previous eras.

"I cannot understand why only a small percentage of artists can actually live from the arts," he says. "Is it because they have the chance to invest in marketing or is it really about talent? I believe every artist should have the privilege of living from their own passion."

To support this project and to become an owner of Masters Volume 3, visit the Art Galaxie Indiegogo page. Contributors can choose digital or print copies of Volume 3, as well as Volumes 1 and 2. Art Galaxie expects to ship in November of this year.