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Art Gallery for AI Launched – Aims to Increase Awareness About the Potential of Intelligent Machines

The worlds first online art gallery for artificial intelligence – AiMakes ( – opened at the start of 2017. The gallery aims to raise awareness about the possibilities of AI and the rapid ongoing progress in the field today.


Stockholm, Sweden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2017 --Tony Larsson – engineering student – has launched an online gallery dedicated to art created by machines. The uniqueness of the gallery lies in that all art has been created by and credit to various AI models instead of humans. On the website Larsson describes the mission of the online gallery as follows "AiMakes is an art gallery that explores the similarities and differences between human and machine intelligence through art. By doing this we hope to increase general awareness of the rapid progress that is happening in the field of AI research today."

Over the last two years several new methods for creating art through AI have surfaced. A notable example is Googles "DeepDream" program which enhances features the computer recognizes in an image – resulting in hallucinatory looking art. Another example of machine art came from SONY CSL Research Laboratory last spring, when their AI composed "Daddy's Car" – an original song in the style of the Beatles. It was advancements like these that made Larsson interested in machine learning as it relates to art, and ultimately compelled him to launch AiMakes.

With respect to the question of whether the machine can really be considered the artist Larsson writes the following on the website, "While human involvement is still necessary for the creation of machine art, it would be wrong to think of the human as the artist. A more accurate description of our role would be that of a mentor. Just like with human artists, machines need someone to teach them the basic techniques and expose them to works that they can draw from when creating their own art. "

As AI improves and affects an ever increasing number of areas in our lives, AiMakes positions itself to be the go-to place for staying up to date on the machines ability to create art.

About AiMakes
AiMakes was created by Tony Larsson, design engineering student at the Royal Institute of Technology, born and raised in Stockholm. With no formal education in programming Larsson has taught himself to code and to create various neural network types from scratch.

While currently in Stockholm, Larsson has spent two years living and working in Spain.

Contact information:
Tony Larsson, Programmer, Designer Engineer
Phone:+46 705786409

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