Art of Flash-Based E-Book Publishing Introduced with eFlip Standard

The digital publishing software, eFlip Standard, now reveals a new art of Flash e-book publishing rather than a traditional static e-book, which grabs the attention of readers with realistic page-flipping effects.


GuangZhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2013 --With eFlip Standard, a new art of Flash e-book publishing has been introduced. The e-book publishing software provides simple tools for converting common types of files into page-flipping e-books. In fact, the program provides full digital publishing services. Users can easily create, upload, display, manage, and share flipping books online via the company’s web server, all through the software interface.

The software also lets users be creative and artistic with an e-book. Called a “flipping book” or “flip book”, the e-book one can create with eFlip Standard can be configured in almost a limitless number of ways. The layout and appearance of each flipping book can be uniquely designed; also, users can change details such as font, color, functional buttons, book titles, logos, and more. There are many opportunities to customize an e-book and make it different from any other. The chance to be creative lets users design something that stands out from the millions of e-books on the Internet.

What is different about e-books created with eFlip Standard is the fact that they are presented like real books. Old e-books did not do this. There are page shadows and page thicknesses, all which are adjustable. Readers get a sense that they are reading a real book when flipping the pages of an e-book designed with the software. Furthermore, one can decorate a flipping book. The software allows for the addition of background images, animated SWF objects, pure color, or gradient color.

In eFlip Standard, there are over 400 pre-designed templates, and users can take advantage of over 700 background images and more than 300 scenes. The process starts by converting PDF, Microsoft Office, or OpenOffice files; multiple PDFs can even be merged into one. When publishing an e-book, the user can save it in .exe or .zip formats, or save it in .html for use on a website. By uploading it online, an e-book can be made available anywhere and put up for sale using the company’s BookCase system.

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