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"The Most Interesting Man in Las Vegas" Gives Away Private Art Collection Every Day Until 2015

Named by media as “The Most Interesting Man in Las Vegas” artist, private collector and philanthropist Branden Michael Powers spreads his wealth one art piece at a time. Decidedly a “beloved weirdo” Powers launches a social experiment to redefine what it means to bring culture to the masses, literally.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2014 --Believing that every person has a right to actively participate in the art they collect, Branden Michael Powers ups the ante on unbridled cool. The Las Vegas-based artist, private collector and philanthropist is driving home his point every day of what’s left of 2014. How? By giving away 100 pieces of his Outsider and American Folk Art collection. Where? Hidden in plain site daily on undisclosed streets in and around Las Vegas. Why? Because everybody should have a ‘too good to be true’ artistic treasure hunt right around the holidays.

With some pieces valued upwards of $3,000 a piece from artists like Daniel Johnston, Wesley Willis and Howard Finster the art collection pays homage to Power’s love of the game. Lovingly collected over 20 years, his art will be left one piece at a time for new owners to find in Downtown areas, along the Strip and in various neighborhoods. With each drop Powers hopes to elicit conversation, appreciation and awareness for what is inartistic to the art experience. Recognizing the incredible advantage, famed artists Matthew Couper and JK Russ have already stealthily gathered pieces for their personal collections. Though not many clues are left on Power’s social media pages the brave hearted still aptly run on work after collectable work.

Powers says of the 100 day art give away, “Yes, this is an out of the box approach. It’s my way of throwing my hat into the ring to find new ways to create opportunities for art lovers. It’s my opinion that private collectors can afford to share their collections in conventional and unconventional ways. That’s what the art calls for. It was timelessly created for art lovers. So let it motivate us to both love it and share it.”

About Branden Michael Powers
Branden Michael Powers is the owner of a marketing, branding and creative agency called 15N Creative based in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the two credited for the founding of the 90’s Rave Movement, Powers is the former Creative Director of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and is recognized among the “Who’s Who in American Business”.

To read more visit http://www.privateartinvestor.com/owning-art/collector-gives-away-100-works-on-the-streets-of-vegas/.

Branden Michael Powers
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